Cooking Vintage Anchorage Recipes

Cooking Vintage Anchorage Recipes

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – It paused during the pandemic, but now it’s back – the Archives and Special Collections section of the University of Alaska Anchorage/Anchorage Pacific University Consortium Library hosts the culinary event each year, selecting a historical document around food that volunteers use to prepare a dish.

“You can’t understand life in 1920 unless you eat like someone who lives in 1920,” said Arlene Schmuland, head of the archives.

This year’s dishes give a sense of what types of foods were available in Anchorage 102 years ago—mostly many canned goods, and cooking instructions showing that wood stoves were the primary method of cooking.

Recipes in the cookbook range from jelly chicken to bean bread and ‘Mock Scotch Woodcock’.

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