Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu and More: 5 Gujarati Curry Recipes You Must Try

Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu and More: 5 Gujarati Curry Recipes You Must Try

Gujarat, the ‘Jewel of Western India’, is known for its rich heritage, white dessert, colorful festival and of course mouthwatering food. Spicy, sweet and a little spicy, Gujarati cuisine is one of our favorite cuisines. Food in Gujarat is one of the main reasons why tourists are attracted all over the world. While the delicacies in this beloved cuisine are predominantly vegetarian and contain no meat or eggs, it is extremely delicious and is in high demand regardless of one’s taste. From the ever-popular dabeli to dhokla, khakra, thepla, and more, you’ll find recipes galore to choose from. Whatever you try will make you want more. However, all of these above recipes are classic snacks that most of us try. In addition to these classic recipes, we have something rich and delicious for you.

If you love Gujarati cuisine as much as we do, here we have a list of 5 Gujarati curry recipes that are perfect to spice up your dinner. Curious what those are? Read below.

Here is a list of 5 Gujarati Curry Recipes that you must try at home:

Undhiyu: our recommendation

Let’s start the list with this one. This Gujarati vegetable curry is healthy and very healthy. In short, a combination of both health and taste. Made with a host of winter vegetables such as brinjals, surti papdi, potatoes, coconut, bananas and methi, this dish is traditionally served in clay pots. If you want to have a unique dining experience, this recipe is a must try. Click here.

Gujarati Kadhi

We all love kadhi chawal. This combo shares a totally different fan base. Here we bring you a delicious Gujarati style kadhi recipe. A recipe based on yogurt and gram flour, this kadhi recipe from Gujarati cuisine always impresses us. It’s super spicy and delicious! Find the recipe here.


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Dal Dhoklic

Dal Dhokli, a Gujarati and Rajasthani dish, is a comfort food also known as varan phal or chakolya. While it is popular in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, it is also a staple in all parts of Gujarat. In this recipe, spiced whole-wheat dumplings are simmered in a vibrant curry made with tuar dal, garlic, peanuts, kokum and turmeric, and more. Find the full recipe here.

Khatti Meethi Dal:

Now is the time to go over dal tadka, dal fry or makhani, this khatti meethi dal with the refreshing flavors of bhaji masala and tamarind makes for an interesting treat. Click here for the recipe.


Sambhariyu Shaak

There are days when we are short on time or just can’t think of a way to use all the vegetables available in our pantry, this delicious Gujarati dish will come to the rescue. It’s a stuffed curry with mixed vegetables and everything healthy and healthy, making it perfect for both dinner and lunch. Click here for the recipe.

So what are you waiting for? Go try these recipes and let us know how they turned out in the comment section below. Happy Cooking!