David Lebovitz’s easy ratio for making jam without a prescription

David Lebovitz's easy ratio for making jam without a prescription

According to almanacMaking jam is already relatively easy compared to making jelly because since jam can be enjoyed thick or watery, it is nearly impossible to mess up its consistency. But thanks to David Lebovitz, making a batch of your favorite strawberry jam just got easier. As noted by the widely acclaimed the chef’s website, tear the jam recipe from your favorite cookbook. You only need to remember one ratio to make a perfect serving of jam of your choice.

Lebovitz reports that the first step to making jam while sitting down is, of course, picking and cooking as much of the fruit as you want to keep as your heart desires. Then comes the most important part. You must accurately measure the amount of fruit you are working with. As Lebovitz points out, the golden ratio in jam making involves using “¾ the amount of sugar” for the fruit you have. The chef gives an example and states that if you have 4 cups of fruit, you should throw in 3 cups of sugar to make sure your fruit is well preserved. And once you memorize this simple rule, you’ll never have to look at a jam recipe again.