Dip Recipes | Best dips to feed a crowd

Dip Recipes |  Best dips to feed a crowd

Chips and dip are nothing new. For years we’ve been spreading sour cream and chives on chips, dipping carrots in hummus and spreading guac on our tortilla chips. And if you’re Adele, you’ll have your ready-to-eat salted chips topped with Worcestershire sauce, obv.

And this summer, we predict a chip-and-dip revolution. With friends reuniting and summer parties in full swing, we expect garden tables to heave with platters and picnic blankets full of sausage rolls, meat platters and a selection of fancy dips. And that’s what we’re here for!

The origins of dips such as salsa, guacamole, tzatziki, and sambal span centuries, but the combination of chips and dips in Western culture is relatively new. It is even believed that this trend started around the 1950s when Lipton announced a recipe for their dehydrated onion soup mix with cream cheese or sour cream served with potato chips.

in 1988, waitrose became the first supermarket to stock a new and “exotic” chickpea-based dip, bringing hummus to UK shoppers for the first time. In the UK we now consume 12,000 tons of hummus a year, and Waitrose would sell a jar every second.

Then, in the 1990s, California avocado farmers were looking for new ways to market their product by handing out free samples of avocados and recipes of popular Mexican dip guacamole during the Super Bowl. Nowadays, guac fans apparently consume more than 47 million kilos of avocado only on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fast forward to today, and we seem to be spending more £261 million every year on chilled dips in the UK. And we’re not just talking about your bog-standard flavors. We’re looking for healthy dips to pack in our lunch boxes, topping yogurt spreads to add to our party table, and more cheesy Founde-esque dips to snack on while watching Eurovision

We are a nation that Loves simple yet satisfying comfort foods, fancier and messy dishes, foods that remind us of our vacation, and the fresh and dip pairing ticks all those boxes.

Let’s not forget the advent of adventurous crunchy snacks either – the choices between just-prepared salted, cheese and onion and salt and vinegar are long gone, we can now snack on lentil chips, roasted wasabi peas and crunchy flavors like margherita pizza, gravy and even minced meat.

So in honor of one of our favorite food duos, we’ve rounded up our best dip recipes, whether you’re looking for a creamy Middle labneh or a delicious cheese spread, we’ve got you covered.

Daniel Harding

A dip alternative to a cheese fondue, we love this cheese custard, perfect for raw vegetables like carrots, radicchio leaves, and of course pickles. We topped ours with good quality store-bought pesto, but make your own if you feel like it!

pretzel cheese dip

Daniel Harding

We’re kind of obsessed with this dip – also known as beer cheese to many. Believed to have originated in Kentucky, it involves pairing multiple cheeses with beer for a seriously tasty dip. We would serve this with crackers or salty pretzels.


Daniel Harding

Labneh is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, a creamy and refreshing dip made by straining yogurt and combining it with herbs and spices. We topped ours with candied garlic and tomato for a dazzling centerpiece.

whipped feta with glazed leek

Daniel Harding

Feta is by far one of our favorite cheeses to eat, and this whipped version makes a super tasty spread. We increased ours with the tastiest glazed leeks, but scrap those if you’re short on time.

baked bean cheese dip

Daniel Harding

This was one of the first things my boyfriend ever made for me, proudly shoving a can of Heinz Best in a pan and promising me an “out of this world” dip. He wasn’t wrong – so simple but satisfyingly good. You can add sour cream if you like, but cream cheese does the job for us,


Parker Feierbach

Hummus needs no introduction and our classic roasted garlic version is without a doubt one of our favorites. A little hand in making hummus? Try some of our favorite variations including: Avocado Hummus, Cauliflower Hummus, Pumpkin Hummus and Pickle Hummus.

st patrick's day recipes

Parker Feierbach

Guac has been around for centuries thanks to the Aztecs and their ‘ahuaca-mulli’ brew. Fast forward to today and guacamole is one of the most iconic dives there.

beet hummus

Greta Rybus

Beet juice boosts the flavor and color in this beautifully tinted hummus. We used dried chickpeas – and it’s worth it.

Greek dip horizontal

Ethan Calabrese

We call this Greek dip, but it’s another whipped feta deliciousness, this time topped with cucumber and cherry tomatoes for a Greek salad-inspired dip.

crab artichoke dip

Ethan Calabrese

We combined two American hot dips, crab dip and artichoke dip to form this fusion of dreams.

jalapeño popper dip

Parker Feierbach

Jalapeño poppers are a favorite at buffet tables, and this dip version is a great crowd pleaser. Don’t worry, milk isn’t necessary, the spice is just a kick instead of burning your mouth.

instant pot pizza dip

Park Feierbach

Yes, this doesn’t need much explanation, but a pizza dip is insanely delicious. Bacon, sausage, pepperoni and tons of cheese mixed together for a treat of a dip.

black bean dip

Parker Feierbach

Black bean dip might get a bit of a bad rap, but ours is far from boring. Garlic, chili and cheese give this a tasteful boost.

dill dip

Emily Hlavac Green

Need something that takes up to 10 minutes? This easy dill dip is refreshingly delicious, and you can make it even healthier by swapping for low-fat Greek yogurt and low-fat mayonnaise.

Victoria Chandler
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