Dirty soda recipes that TikTok . to take over

Dirty Soda Recipes Taking Over TikTok - Yahoo!  to vote

Here are five refreshing TikTok dirty soda recipes you must try! 1. Dirty Diet Coke with coconut cream. This Dirty Diet Coke is more like the classic dirty soda recipe, but uses coconut cream instead of whipped cream or half and half for extra coconut flavor! † 2. Dirty coconut seltzer, For a decaffeinated dirty seltzer packed with fruit flavor, try this dirty coconut seltzer!. 3. Dirty Diet Pepsi with Cherry Syrup and Lime. This dirty soda concoction calls for Diet Pepsi, cherry syrup, and lime. 4. Dirty Pink Soda With Strawberries While most dirty sodas call for flavored fruit syrups, this deluxe dirty soda uses real strawberry jam!. 5. Dirty Butterbeer, this dirty butterbeer soda is straight out of Harry Potter!

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