Dirty soda recipes that TikTokers love

Dirty soda recipes that TikTokers love

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“Dirty soda” is all the rage TikTok† While Mormons have enjoyed the creamy soda concoction for years, dirty soda has only recently come to grips with the platform. The tasty drink is traditionally made with a combination of soda and cream. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit when it comes to ingredient combinations. If you feel like a refreshing summer drinkgo to TikTok for dirty soda inspiration. Here Are Five Refreshing Dirty Sodas recipes from TikTok you must try!

This Dirty Diet Coke Is Closer To The Classic Dirty Soda recipe but used coconut creamer instead of whipped cream or half-and-half for extra coconut flavor. To make it, pour Diet Coke into a glass filled with ice. Then add a splash of coconut syrup and a splash of coconut coffee creamer. Stir the soda until all the ingredients are mixed and enjoy your summer coconut drink!

For a caffeine-free dirty seltzer packed with fruit flavor, try this dirty coconut seltzer! To make it, pour coconut flavor seltzer in a cup of ice. Then add a dash of coffee creamer, raspberry syrup and coconut syrup. Squeeze the juice from half a lime and your dirty coconut seltzer is ready to drink!

This Dirty Soda Concoction Calls For Diet Pepsi, cherry syrup and lime. To make it, fill a cup with ice. Then add Diet Pepsi, cherry syrup and fresh lime juice. Add a slice of lime to the drink. Then add a dash of heavy whipping cream. Mix everything together and enjoy!

While most dirty sodas call for flavored fruit syrups, this luxury dirty soda uses real ones strawberry jam. If you’re craving a vibrant pink drink that screams summer, this dirty pink soda might be for you! Start by adding strawberry jam to a glass. Then add ice, condensed milk, yakult (a Japanese probiotic drink) and litchi sparkling water. Stir it up and drink!

This Dirty Butterbeer Soda Drink Comes Straight Out Harry Potter† Start by adding a little butterscotch syrup to a cup. Then add root beer and top it off with some pebble ice cream. Finally add a splash vanilla cream for a super smooth dirty soda that is magically sweet!

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