Ditch your usual cup of coffee this summer for these 8 cold brew recipes

Ditch your usual cup of coffee this summer for these 8 cold brew recipes

One of the few perks of living in Singapore’s eternal summer? The excuse to have cold brew all day, every day. In light of the heat stroke experiences we’ve been through brutally, we’ve put together the best cold brew recipes to cool you down this summer. Plus, they’re a fun way to spice up your regular cuppa joe.

If you’re someone who likes to get creative with their coffee through unique blends, brews, and recipes, this is for you. Not only are all the ways to use cold brew interesting, but the flavors are refreshing and delicious. And we’re not talking about you base vanilla cold brew either. Let’s take a look at these recipes.

8 cold brew recipes for the summer

Cinnamon mocha cold brewed

Image: Courtesy Alice & Lois

It’s hard to go wrong with cinnamon and chocolate. One of the simplest yet tastiest cold brews? recipes, this one uses chocolate syrup and just a pinch of freshly ground cinnamon. The best thing about cold brews is that they are less acidic than regular hot coffee, so it’s ideal even for those who aren’t fans of coffee.

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Long Island iced coffee cocktail

Image: Courtesy Supergolden Bakes

Disclaimer: This isn’t exactly morning coffee material. This is basically a caffeinated version of the very popular Long Island Iced Tea cocktail (aka LIIT), so rest assured it will be refreshing and give you a buzz that will last for hours. Make a cold brew by soaking the coffee in water overnight. You’ll need dark rum, vodka, tequila, gin, ginger ale, lime juice, as well as the star ingredient, cold brew. Serve it chilled for your house parties or house dates.

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Boba cold brew

cold brew recipes
Image: Courtesy of the motion menu

Make cold brew fun again. This recipe calls for tapioca balls to add some bite to your drink, and uses coconut sugar instead of regular sugar to cut the calories, although it will taste just as good with regular syrup, too. All you have to do is prepare the cold brew overnight, add some milk and put the boba in it.

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Iced coffee lemonade

cold brew recipes
Image: Courtesy Sprudge

Even though it sounds like a pretty unlikely combination, be prepared to become addicted to it the moment you try it. This cold brew recipe believes in keeping it fizzy, so get your tonic water ready to add some sparkling goodness to your cold brew. Coffee purists may not like this recipe, but if you feel like experimenting, start here.

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Cold brew mocha frappe

cold brew recipes
Image: Courtesy Minimalist Baker

Cold brew coffee, creamy blended milk and decadent dark chocolate, what’s not to like about this cold brew recipe? The twist in this recipe? Milk ice cubes. While your cold brew is brewing overnight, pour milk into your ice trays and get it ready for the next morning. Mix the coffee, milk ice cubes and some dark chocolate syrup together and you have a delicious glass of cold brew ready in no time.

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Lavender cold brew latte

cold brew recipes
Image: Courtesy The Wooden Skillet

Fun, aesthetic and delicious – this cold brew recipe is everything a millennial’s Instagram feed could ask for. This sweet summer treat never gets old and uses honey in place of refined sugar — perfect for those watching their diet. You can also make your own lavender syrup or use store-bought varieties. All the ingredients come together beautifully in this drink and is also a dream for your Instagram account with its marble texture.

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Cinnamon vanilla coconut cream cold brewed

cold brew recipes
Image: Courtesy Danilicious Dishes

The coconut cream is the star of this recipe – apart from the coffee, of course. This is where vanilla, cinnamon, stevia and monk fruit sweetener come together to make this the perfect topping for your cold brew. It’s sweet and velvety, dairy-free and plant-based, so just about anyone can enjoy this drink. Vanilla and cinnamon are the best flavor enhancers that can happen to a glass of cold brew. All in all, this cold brew recipe is a win-win!

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cold brew martini

This cold brew cocktail closes this list on a “high” note and is perfect for any girls nightcap or nightcap. You only need three ingredients: cold brew concentrate, coffee cream liqueur and some vodka, and all you need to do is put these ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Again, we don’t recommend this if your early morning drink, but again, who are we to judge.

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