Do you like mushrooms? Try This Delicious Mushroom Pepper Bake Recipe From Saransh Goila

Mushroom Ghee Roast Recipe: This fiery mushroom recipe will have you asking for more

If you think about it, there’s almost nothing you don’t like about mushrooms. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamin D. Mushrooms also support weight management and even speed up metabolism. They can be bought in the market and stored for a long time, even for later use. Let’s agree that mushrooms taste especially good when cooked properly with herbs and other home-style ingredients. On Instagram, Chef Saransh Goila shared a recipe video of lip-smacking “Mushroom pepper fry”. It is a fiery combination of masalas combined with the goodness of mushrooms. Try cooking this at home and you will enjoy it.

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For the caption, he said, “Pepperfry masala can be used on mushrooms, chicken, or jackfruit! Whatever you like!”


Mushroom pepper fry

1) Mushrooms (sliced) 1 package

2) Jeera – 2 tablespoons

3) Black peppercorns – 3 tablespoons

4) Coriander seeds – 1 tablespoon

5) Ghee – 1 tablespoon

6) Garlic (chopped) – 1/2 tablespoon

7) Ginger (chopped) – 1 inch

8) Onions (sliced) – 2

9) Green pepper (sliced) – 1

10) Curry leaves

Salt to taste

Bake until golden brown

As Saransh Goila shows, here’s how to cook mushroom peppers:

1) First slice mushrooms and keep them aside.

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2) For the special pepperfry, take masala jeera, black peppercorns and coriander seeds together. Dry everything together and grind the mixture into a coarse powder. You can do it using a mortar and pestle available at home. Keep it aside.

3) Take a separate pan and heat some ghee in it. Put a handful of curry leaves, minced garlic and ginger. Add sliced ​​onions and green chillies. Add salt to taste and fry it until it turns brown.

4) Add mushrooms to the preparation and cook them over high heat. Adjust the spices. Put the special gingerbread masala and cook it for a minute with a dash of water. Mushroom pepper pan is ready.


Saransh Goila often shares recipe videos of easy-to-prepare dishes that taste great and come to the rescue when you’re hungry. He once shared the recipe of honey chili kamal kakdi which is made from lotus stem. To do this, take a peeled and sliced ​​lotus stem. Wash the cut pieces in water and coat with cornstarch before frying. Make a sauce with sesame oil, minced ginger, minced garlic, red chilies, rice wine vinegar, gochujang, soy sauce and black pepper. Take about 30 ml of whiskey and flambé. Add the kamal kakdi slices to the sauce and mix well. Add some honey to the preparation and mix well. Sprinkle it with sesame seeds.

Don’t forget to try these recipes the next time you get hungry.