Do you love mangoes? Here are 7 drool-worthy, offbeat recipes you need to try this season

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Mangoes are one of the best things about summer. Only at this time of year can we enjoy the fruit. During this season we also make some common mango dishes such as pickles, shakes, smoothies and other sweet treats. After a while, the same kinds of dishes can become monotonous. So, how do you spice up your mango dishes? There are some unusual mango recipes you can try at home and we are sure they will leave you wanting more. So if you’re open to the idea of ​​trying something new and unique, we’ve got a list of 7 unusual mango recipes for you.

Here are 7 mango recipes

1) Mangosaiyan

If you like fleshy mangoes, you will love this delectable sweet delicacy. Sewiyan, also known as vermicelli, is cooked with milk and other dried fruits after roasting it in ghee. Just add mangoes to give it a fruity touch and it will taste fantastic. This dish takes about 30 minutes to make.

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2) Mango sandwich

Mangoes can be used alongside sweet dishes to make a variety of snacks. Mango sandwiches are one such snack. Mangoes, yogurt, powdered sugar for sweetness and cardamom powder for flavor are all it takes to make this. Imagine the goodness of mangoes sandwiched between spices of bread and topped with cream. This dish can be a quick fix for your hunger pangs.

3) Mango chicken curry

Pieces of chicken cooked with raw mango and other seasonings are delicious. If you haven’t already, try preparing this delectable mango chicken curry at home now. Make it for your lunch or dinner and serve it with rice for a complete meal.

4) Aam ka chunda

Aam ka chunda is a unique mango dish from Gujarat. It has mango, sugar and a host of masalas such as red chili powder, dry mango powder and asafoetida among others for a burst of flavors. You can have it with your regular food. You can also keep it in a jar and have it later whenever you want.

5) Salad with mango avocado and shrimp

If you love salads, this recipe is sure to appeal to your taste buds. It is a one-bowl dish that can be easily made with mangoes, avocados, green onion, coriander, chili and shrimp. Give this one a try and we bet you’ll love it.

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6) Chilled mango soup

This chilled mango soup is perfect for beating the heat on a summer’s day. It’s also a healthy combination of mangoes, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes and garlic. Make it fast and share it with your family members too.

7) Mango rice

If you are looking for a healthy rice dish, use some raw mangoes and make this treat. Mango rice contains crunchy peanuts, spices and a variety of legumes to boost its nutritional value.

Now that you have a variety of unique mango recipes to choose from, you can make them before the fruit runs out this season.