Drake’s former personal chef makes his favorite shrimp tacos

Drake's former personal chef makes his favorite shrimp tacos

Kayla Greer, former personal chef to stars like Drake, Migos and Nipsey Hussle, joined us in Los Angeles to share her beloved recipe for “Best You Ever Had” Shrimp Tacos. The name, inspired by the iconic 2009 Drake hit, was one of the rapper’s favorite foods.

Greer was first introduced to Drake after he hired her to service a 100 person super bowl party. The eventual guest list grew to nearly 300 people, and they were all so impressed with her game day spread that she was hired to cook for the rapper full-time.

These tacos first came to Greer in a dream and became a popular dish among her family. During her three-year stint as Drake’s personal chef, she adapted the recipe to the rapper’s diet. Occasionally she’d swap the tortillas for rice or green salad, but there was one adjustment Greer had to make every time—no cilantro.

That’s right, Drake hates cilantro. According to Greer, the Toronto resident thinks, like many people, that the spice tastes like soap. Each iteration of this recipe eaten at Drake’s Calabasas, California, home omits the spice, but still tastes just as delicious.

The star of these tacos is the shrimp. Each bite-sized piece of shrimp is seasoned with a spicy blend of spices, including onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, and paprika. If you want to add even more depth, use Chef Greer’s property herbs for all purposes.

The shrimp is cooked in butter alongside a medley of vegetables before deglazing the pan with a dash of Modelo Especial. The herbs and juices that stick to the pan mix with the beer to form a savory sauce.

To accompany the shrimp, Greer makes a bright and herbaceous coleslaw. Her secret to the spicy dressing? The brine from pickled jalapeños. The spicy sour liquid adds an extra boost umami to the fresh lemon juice in the slaw.

Finally, to round out the dish, Greer makes a creamy sauce to drizzle on top. She combines sour cream, tomato salsa, lime juice, and chipotle powder for a citrusy, smoky condiment.

It’s safe to say we are “Certified Lover Boys” of these shrimp tacos. look at the recipe and see why it deserves the hype.