Duff Goldman on flavor baits, savory recipes and his community

Duff Goldman on flavor baits, savory recipes and his community

What was the inspiration behind Ace of Taste?

I’m a new dad and I feel like I’ve definitely evolved, especially during the pandemic. My wife and I were at home here and I felt like running our kitchen like I do a professional kitchen. It was really interesting for me to see how to organize a place because I have a baby to feed, myself to be fed, my wife to be fed. I have to run a pantry. I have a whole thing.

Plus, I do all these events all the time, so I have a full pastry shop in my house. I really ran this place like a kitchen. I wanted to share it with everyone, like, “Hey, this is how I cook for my family. This is how we do it.” We are able to have good food that is nutritious and delicious and beneficial. It is cool.

What can viewers expect from the show?

Good stuff, dude. Every year when I go to film the “Baking Championship” shows, like when you see the “Kids Baking Championship”, “Holiday”, all those shows, there’s a whole kitchen behind the scenes where everyone is doing all this work and there are all these culinary producers who work there.

Every year I try to make a few large batches of chili. It’s one thing. Everyone gets excited, “Oh, Duff makes his chili,” because it’s really good. I make really good chill. That’s one of the episodes.

We called in the local fire department, the Topanga Fire Department, and I made them a fire department dinner. I made them chili, and I made cornbread for it, and I made a cobbler for it. It’s more like the regular food I make, as opposed to a big cake with lasers coming out, you know?

More feasible for that kind of home cook.

All the way. I break chili and it’s not hard at all. You can make really good chili at home.