Easy breakfast recipe: how to make savory French toast in just 10 minutes

Easy breakfast recipe: how to make savory French toast in just 10 minutes

The thought of a quick breakfast immediately makes us think of eggs. One or two eggs are enough to prepare a healthy meal to start the day right, that too in just a few minutes. What we love the most is the fact that we can get as creative as we want with a simple egg. Boil it or bake it, eggs taste great in any shape. Then we have the egg-based recipes. From muffins to egg paratha, we use eggs every day to cook one thing or another. One of our favorite egg-based breakfast recipes is French toast. Slices of bread soaked in beaten egg and milk and then pan fried – French toast defines indulgence. Traditionally, French toast is served with fresh fruit, butter, jam and maple syrup. But if you explore, you’ll find several other versions of these classic French toast that leave a strong impression on our palate. One of those popular versions of French toast is savory French toast.

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As the name implies, savory French toast is the salty version of the dish that doesn’t use sugar or syrup. Instead, we use salt, black pepper, onions, tomatoes and more in savory French toast. Some people also use a little milk to soften the bread slices, but that’s completely optional. This dish is also known as ‘dim pauruti’, ‘gypsy toast’, ‘eggy toast’ and more.

Here we’ve found a delicious savory French toast recipe that’s easy to make and can help you put together a satisfying meal in just 10 minutes. Sounds good; Turn right? So what are you waiting for? Grab all your kitchen supplies and replicate the recipe. Look.

How to make savory French toast:

To make this dish we need egg, slices of bread, milk, onion, tomato, green pepper, coriander leaf, ginger, salt, black pepper and oil or butter for roasting.

Break the eggs into a mixing bowl and add all ingredients (except oil/butter). Beat everything together. Then soak the bread slices in the egg mixture and fry them in some oil or butter.

That is it! Your delicious savory French toast will be ready to enjoy in no time.

Click here for the extensive recipe for savory French toast.

Try this dish for breakfast today and let us know what you think.