Easy cake recipes for the coming week

Easy cake recipes for the coming week

The craving for a warm, old-school cake often comes unannounced. And Swiggy can’t match the satisfaction of a homemade cake fresh out of the oven. Nothing compares to the process of preparing the ingredients, whisking the batter, and waiting for the cake to rise as it smells all over the kitchen. The whole journey matters.

If you’re looking for easy-to-bake and delicious cake recipes, here are four options:

Carrot beet cake without eggs
While carrot cake is the most popular, how about taking the road less traveled by adding beetroot to the recipe. The best part is that this cake is egg free and contains walnuts for texture and a dash of omega 3.

A mother’s recipe for ragi chocolate cake
There is no end to a mother’s quest for healthy recipes. Luckily, here’s a cake that replaces refined flour with ragi, and packs in nutrition — as well as deliciousness — to please the pickiest of eaters. Serve it with fruit and a dollop of cream or homemade custard to give it a few notches.

Chocolate cake without eggs
Almost every home baker has that one eggless cake recipe that they can make without the hassle. With only seven ingredients, this is one such recipe. It can be ready in less than an hour and a half and works best as a delicious dessert served over ice.

Ghee and garam masala cake
What could be a better combination for? chai then a masala cake flavored with ghee† It can also be delicious with coffee. It is a recipe from baker extraordinaire Deeba Rajpal from her book Passionate about baking† She has a blog and an Instagram page of the same name. Garam masala is the desi ingredient for a spiced cake. With monsoon just around the corner, bookmark this recipe for a night out chai-and-gupshup