Easy Warm Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Winter Hunger

Easy Warm Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Winter Hunger

This winter felt even colder than usual, leaving me craving food piping hot straight from the oven.

You might think of winter warmers as savory dishes — pies and soups filled with hearty vegetables like potatoes.

But after making a main course a warm dessert, it only gets cozier.

These hot dessert recipes are sure to impress your dinner guests, but are also a comforting treat when lounging on the couch in front of an evening of TV.

This pudding is delicious served straight from the oven with a dollop of whipped cream on top.(Annika Kafcaloudis)

Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s marmalade pudding is “simple, rewarding and incredibly comforting”.

A jar of good quality orange marmalade becomes the perfect base for a gently spiced, light and airy pudding top, topped off with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

The recipe can be modified to make small individual servings, and you can even switch up the spices to suit your taste.

Whatever you do with it, Julia says just one spoon “feels like a big warm hug”.

A clear and warm pudding for cold nights.(ABC Everyday: Annika Kafcaloudis)

This “magic dessert” is made with just one batter, which splits during cooking.

You’re left with a delicious curd-like sauce on the bottom and a lemony sponge on top.

Requiring only very basic ingredients, this warm pudding won’t ask much of you either – perfect for when you want something tasty but without fireworks.

It’s not overly sweet, but still gives you that delicious lemon curd. In addition, the preparation only takes 15 minutes.

This crumble calls for fresh blueberries if you have them on hand, otherwise frozen berries will work too.(ABC Everyday: Thalia Ho)

If you’re going to enjoy a cup of tea with your dessert, why not add some to your dish?

Thalia Ho’s pear and blueberry crumble features earl gray in the topping – either from a loose leaf mix or straight from the tea bag.

She says this addition “adds a fragrant, floral and vibrant undertone, which pairs perfectly with the bursting blueberry and juicy pear underneath.”

If you can brave the cold, she recommends serving up a dollop of ice cream for creamy, half-melted bites full of crumbly goodness.

Make this decadent treat using mostly pantry ingredients.(ABC Everyday: Thalia Ho)

If you prefer chocolate-packed desserts rather than fruit, this self-saucing choc pudding is for you.

This decadent treat will come together in no time, with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Choc puddings have a reputation for being temperamental, as they require a set time to bake, which can vary slightly depending on your oven.

But when done right, the chocolate floods that result are “otherworldly” and well worth the effort.

Amp up the flavor (and decadence) by using brioche, chocolate and a bite-sized marmalade.(ABC Everyday: Thalia Ho)

This bread and butter pudding has it all: chocolate, marmalade, roasted nuts and even whiskey soaked sultanas.

Incredibly easy to make, it’s a rich recipe that uses ingredients that live as staples in most kitchens.

It works best with sweet bread that is a few days old, such as brioche, raisins, or even leftover panettone (Christmas in July anyone?)

The nuts add a great balance of flavor and texture, aided by the bags of melting chocolate and wisps of gooey marmalade. If there’s one thing that can satisfy your sweet tooth, it’s this.

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