Egg in a Hole With Asparagus Recipe – NYT Cooking

Egg in a Hole With Asparagus Recipe - NYT Cooking

What would you get if you crossed savory French toast with Parmesan cheese with an egg in a hole and served it under a pile of roasted asparagus? An easy, vegetable-centric brunch or light dinner that you can make on a single baking sheet. The key here is to use wide slices of bread large enough to hold two eggs each: Pick slices from the center of the bread. (If your bread slices are smaller, just use one egg in each.) Feel free to substitute the asparagus for other quick-roast vegetables. Broccoli florets, halved cherry tomatoes or Brussels sprouts, or sliced ​​mushrooms will all work equally well. And if you want to double the recipe, use two baking sheets, arrange the bread on one and the asparagus on the other.

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