Emeril Lagasse just shared an olive oil cake recipe for Mother’s Day

Emeril Lagasse just shared an olive oil cake recipe for Mother's Day

if enjoy your meal explains, the beauty of an olive oil cake is the moisture that the extra virgin olive oil creates, largely due to the fact that it retains its liquid form at room temperature. According to Lagasse’s Instagram postHis Personal Citrus Olive Oil Cakes can be made in the “it” device of the year, also known as the airfryer, or the traditional oven. But whichever method you prefer, we love that it only takes 25 minutes to bake these cakes infused with orange and lemon juice, along with a little Grand Marnier to pop that citrusy flavor. To give it an extra special touch, Lagasse sprinkles powdered sugar over the cakes and garnishes them with blackberries and raspberries.

Fans go out of their way to make this cake to “turn it up a notch” and celebrate Mom. One even tagged her people and wrote, “I want this for Mother’s Day!” Another summed up the general sentiment of Lagasse’s followers with this comment: “These look spectacular!! Wow!”

Another great thing about these miniature cakes is that they can be stored on the counter for several days in airtight containers, so Mom can enjoy this treat with her first cup of coffee Monday morning. The gift that keeps on giving.