Finding Remy’s Recipe Books in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Remy Book Location And Peanut Butter Waffle

Here’s everything you need to know about Remy’s Recipe Book quest and unlocking new recipes with Peanuts!

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Remy is known as one of the best and hopefully the only rat chef out there. During the quest where you unlock Mickey Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valleyhe tells you that he has a bunch of Remy’s recipe books hidden all over the valley, and you unlock the first one during that quest.

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This is one of many missions available in the life-simulating world of Dreamlight Valley, and you embark on a journey to unlock various characters as you try to save the valley from The Forgetting. The game will take you on a nostalgic journey if you are an avid Disney fan.

How to unlock Remy’s recipe book quest

Remy’s recipe book is not a quest that you unlock early in the game. There are a make demands before the little rat trusts you enough to give you the task of chasing his recipes. Here’s everything you need to do:

  • At the beginning, help Merlin remove the thorns blocking the dream castle by finding all Royal Tools and getting 2,000 Dreamlight. Once you’re in the castle, unlock Remy’s realm on the right side of the bottom leveland bring Remy to your valley.
  • You also need to finish the main story of Dazzle Beach. For this you have to fix the Pillar of Friendship, unlock Dazzle Beachand continue the quest to unlock Ursula.
  • Finally, reach friendship level four with Remy to build enough trust with him. You can talk to him daily and give him recommended gifts to quickly increase the friendship level. After friendship level two, you can assign him a task to gain extra EXP as well.

Once all requirements are met, you can: pick up the quest when talking to Remy. He has a pink quest icon on his head, letting you know you can get the quest.

How to complete Remy’s recipe book quest

Remy will ask you to talk to Mickey and ask him the locations for the recipe. This was to be expected as Mickey did tell you at the start of the game that he had all of Remy’s recipes. He will give you a memory photo with a general location for the three required recipes.

The images are very small and heavily edited, making it quite difficult to find the exact location for all recipes.

For the easiest, go to Peaceful Meadows and go the stairs to Dazzle Beach in the midst. There are a few trails to Dazzle Beach, but this book will take you to the middle one. You will find likehilarious excavation site on the right side of these stairs on the edge of Peaceful Meadows.

For the second recipe book you must: go to Dazzle Beach. The beach consists of two parts, separated by a bridge in the middle. If you look at the map you will see a dock with a small bridge in the eastern part of the bridge. Find this bridge and the shiny dig spot will be to the right of it.

If you didn’t unlock the Pickaxe upgrade to get rid of the storm debris in Dazzle Beach, you’ll need to get to different parts of it through Peaceful Meadows.

This third book is the reason you need to finish the main story in the beach. During the story, you unlock different levels in a cave to find the Orb of Power at the bottom. Go back to this ruin and go to the bottom level near the stoveand you’ll see the shiny excavation site next door.

When you have all three recipes, talk to Remy and he will ask you for get peanuts from his kitchen in the Ratatouille Empire. Go to the Dream Castle and enter the door on the far right on the bottom level. You’ll find the peanuts on a rack at the very end of the kitchen.

You can give the bag of peanuts to Remy, and it will be added as a source you can buy in his kitchen.

The last step to complete this quest is to cook the two peanut butter recipes provided by Remy. You need a lot of ingredients in this except peanuts which you can get for 200 Star Coins and here’s how to get those for Peanut butter waffles and peanut butter sandwich:

Wheat The wheat seeds can be purchased from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadows, and they… only takes one minute to grow after you water them. Plus, they also give you two wheat from one crop, which is all you need for this quest.
Eggs These can be purchased from Remy’s kitchen in Dreamlight Valley for 220 Star Coins. They can also be found in his Ratatouille realm, but unfortunately you can’t get them out of it anymore.
Milk This can also be purchased from Remy’s kitchen in the valley for 230 Star Coins.

You can use Remy’s stove to cook the two recipes, after which the quest ends as soon as you talk to Remy. You keep the Waffles and Sandwich, so you can use them to gain energy, sell or give as a gift to someone to get a ton of friendship EXP.

Completing this quest will also give you some EXP for Remy’s friendship itself, even if it’s not that important.

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