Forum from the archives: Reem Assil’s cookbook ‘Arabiyya’ weaves ‘recipes for resilience’ with reflections on the Arab diaspora

Forum from the archives: Reem Assil's cookbook 'Arabiyya' weaves 'recipes for resilience' with reflections on the Arab diaspora

Reem Assil, owner of San Francisco and Oakland’s Reem’s Kitchen, began her career as a chef with a thirst for activism, often advocating for social justice and sustainability in the workplace. As the opening chef of Dyafa, an Arab fine-dining restaurant in Oakland, Assil began to rethink the power dynamics in the kitchen, which she boldly reflected on in her Eater article, “Don’t Call Me Chef.” Assil joins Forum to discuss her new book, “Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora,” in which she weaves personal essays on food, family, identity, hospitality, activism and political struggle amid recipes that are influenced by Arabic flavors.

This segment originally aired on April 22.