Giada De Laurentiis makes Burrata the star of this new pasta dinner recipe

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Charcuterie boards are great and all, but give us a single scoop of burrata with some olive oil and crackers, and we’ll be more than satisfied. The creamy one cheese has become popular on restaurant appetizer menus and has become a permanent fixture in the cheese section of your local grocery store, and while delicious on its own (or paired with honey, basil, tomatoes, and various breads and crackers), Giada de Lawrence just found a new show for this cheese to star in – a pasta recipe.

“This one Pasta With Asparagus & Burrata is full of vibrant flavor and texture,” said a Jan. 30 Giadzy Instagram post. “Creamy burrata, spicy asparagus, caramelized fennel, crunchy almonds and more make this an unforgettable tasty recipe!”

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What sets burrata apart from other cheeses is that it is incredibly creamy yet light and airy. Similar to mozzarella in shape and appearance, burrata is like mozzarella’s buttery cousin. It melts in your mouth and has a light tang that pairs perfectly with both sweet and savory flavors. So mixing it with asparagus, fennel and almonds, as De Laurentiis has done, makes the burrata the creamy palette cleanser in every bite.

The hardest of these 15 minute pasta recipe wait for the pasta water to boil. Once your pasta is cooked (De Laurentiis likes to use penne for this recipe), and you’ve reserved about a cup of pasta water, you can start sauteing the shallots and fennel with a little Calabrian chili paste. After a few minutes of cooking, you can add your sliced ​​asparagus and cook until tender.

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Add your cooked pasta directly to the asparagus mixture and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Stir everything together and add lemon zest, lemon juice, chopped almonds and more pasta water if the sauce is too dry.

When ready to serve, transfer the pasta to bowls and sprinkle the torn bits of burrata on top, then season with black pepper. The burrata softens as it folds into the warm pasta, creating an even creamier sauce with every movement of the fork.

Grab the full recipe Giadzy website and give yourself a whole new way to enjoy your favorite aperitif.

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