Goan Seafood Thali: 5 Recipes That Make a Delicious Goan Thali

Goan Seafood Thali: 5 Recipes That Make a Delicious Goan Thali

Fascinating nightlife, beautiful scenery, relaxing beaches and mouth-watering food – Goa is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in India. From beach shacks to luxury restaurants and cafes, you’ll find a wide variety of places in Goa to sit back, relax and enjoy great food and chilled drinks. However, if you want to enjoy the authentic taste of Goan cuisine, there is no better way than indulging in a mouth-watering Goa-style thali. Believe it or not, once you taste the classic Goan thali, you will be recommending it to everyone in your group of friends and family. If you want to enjoy the taste of Goan thali in the comfort of your own home, we have something for you; something you can ‘wow’. Here we bring you 5 mouth-watering Goan recipes that make a mouth-watering Goan Thali. Look.

Here is a list of 5 recipes that you will find in a Goan Thali:

Shrimp Ambotik

Let’s start with this one. It is one of the most famous shrimp recipes in Goan cuisine. Rich, creamy, satisfying and delectable, this shrimp curry recipe is sure to increase your love for seafood. Find the recipe.

Fish Reacheado

‘Reacheado’ means ‘filled’ in Portuguese. Simply put, it’s a pomfret infused with a spicy reacheado paste and baked with onions until crisp and golden brown. Click here for the recipe.

Rava Fried Fish

Anyone who has been to Goa or heard of Goan food will surely know this fish recipe. In this dish, fish fillets are flavored with ginger, garlic and red peppers and fried to perfection until golden brown. Garnish it with coriander leaves later and you’re in for a treat. Click here for the recipe.

Goan Poic

For bread, people in Goa usually prefer Goan poi. It is a popular Goan leavened bread prepared from wheat flour and bran to boost its nutritional value.

Goan Dry Shrimp Kismur

A traditional salad recipe in Goan cuisine, Kismur can be made with seafood, fish, prawns, prawns, surmai, and more. To prepare this, you just need some dry shrimp, tamarind, oil and some spices to make it spicy.

Add steamed rice, papad and achar and your Goan seafood thali is ready to enjoy. Try this at home and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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