Google Search Recipe Results Segmented Carousels

Google Home Recipes

Google seems to show the recipe grid format not only by displaying popular recipes, but also by showing recipe carousels broken down by recipe type. Honestly I don’t know if that makes sense, what do chefs call this, recipe category segmentation?

Mordy Oberstein saw this and he posted Twitter call these ‘segmented recipe carousels’. I don’t know if he cooks much either, but he was the one who was looking for [soy sauce recipe green beans] – not me.

This is what you would normally see, the popular recipe grid:

Here’s what I see in another browser, where Google shows me other options, where I can expand to see even more carousels:

Here’s Mordy’s tweet:

Not sure if this is new, but Google bounces back and forth between the most popular recipe grid and this segmented…

Here’s another example from earlier this year:

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