Grace Young’s Spicy Ginger Chicken With Paprika And Baby Bok Choy Recipe

Grace Young's Spicy Ginger Chicken With Paprika And Baby Bok Choy Recipe

Recently, Young became the 2022 recipient of the Julia Child Award. The Julia Child Prize is given annually to a group or individual who has made a big difference in the way Americans cook, eat, and drink. It’s no wonder Grace Young would receive this award, as her influence on American food culture is untenable, and in a fun coincidence, Young and Child met before Child’s death in 2004.

Of her recent award, Young had this to say:

“My career has been based on preserving and uplifting Chinese culinary traditions. My love of cooking was influenced by Julia Child at such a young age and I am so grateful to have been awarded the Julia Child Award this year. It’s all The circle has come full circle. Just as Julia has brought the appreciation of French cuisine to millions of homes across the country, I have created accessible and comforting traditional dishes that elevate Chinese cuisine and culture. There has never been a more important moment than now to honoring your heritage, and creating dishes like the spicy ginger chicken with red pepper and bok choy makes you aware of how influential Chinese culinary traditions are to the fabric of American society. to support old Chinese restaurants in Chinatown feed the needy.”