Grounded: All smoothie recipes

Grounded: All smoothie recipes

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In the survival game Grounded, you can change your status by consuming different smoothies. We show you all the smoothie recipes and what effects the three different basic ingredients have.

The following applies to all smoothie recipes: Basic ingredient + smoothie specific ingredient = smoothie with specific effects

The Smoothie Station in Grounded

To make smoothies at all, you need to make a Smoothie Station. It is made in the world.

How to unlock the recipe: Analyze an acorn top or grub sludge.
Description: Puree things into a drinkable substance that restores health or gives different effects.
Materials: 1x acorn tip, 4x twig, 5x lifting sludge.

Grounded-SMoothie-Station - Guided

The 3 basic ingredients of smoothies in Grounded

Before you can puree a smoothie at the Smoothie Station, you need to decide which base ingredient you want to mix with the rest of the ingredients. Each basic ingredient has different effects.

Basic Smoothie-Grub Sludge

The ingredient of the Basic Smoothie is grub sludge. It has no extra effect that you benefit from in addition to the various smoothie effects, but the duration of action is 120 seconds, or 2 minutes.

Grub_Sludge - Guided

Meaty Smoothie – Muscle Sprout

A Beefy Smoothie is created when you choose Muscle Sprout as the base ingredient. Muscle Sprout brings the smoothie, in addition to the 120 seconds effect duration, also the impact that all smoothies, which are mixed with this basic ingredient, heal twice as much over the entire effect duration.Muscle_Sprout - Guided

Sticky Smoothie-Gum Nugget

Selecting Gum Nuggets as the base ingredient will give you a Sticky Smoothie that doubles the effect duration of the smoothie to 240 seconds and gives you the Regeneration status effect.

Gum_Nugget - Guided

All smoothie recipes in Grounded

After you’ve chosen a base ingredient, you need to decide which smoothie you want to blend. Each smoothie offers different effects that help you progress through the game.

boost juice

  • Description: Packed with vitamins and nutrients! Increases your maximum endurance.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze Acorn Bits
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Max stamina, heals
  • Ingredients: raw aphid meat, mushroom, Acorn-Bits+ basic ingredient

Boost_Juice - Guided

Liquid Flippers

  • Description: A drinkable sludge scientifically proven to make you swim faster.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze Water Boatman Fin
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Swimming speed, heals
  • Ingredients: Water Boatman Fin, Seagrass Beach, Lilypad Wax + basic ingredient

Fluid_Flippers - Guided

Fuzz on the rocks

  • Description: As literally as they come. Drinking this disgusting combination somehow makes you healthier for a while.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze mite fuzz
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Maximum health, heals
  • Ingredients: clay, pebble, mite fuzz + basic ingredient

Fuzz_on_the_Rocks - Guided

Gastro Goo

  • Description: Smells almost as bad as it looks, but goes down surprisingly smoothly. Makes you immune to gas damage.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze Stinkbug Gas Sack
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Gas protection, heals
  • Ingredients: Stink Bug Gas Bag, Fungus Growth, Aphid Honeydew+ Basic ingredient

Gastro_Goo - Guided

Green machine

  • Description: A delicious mix of locally sourced vegetables. Increases your endurance recovery rate.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze algae
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Hyperstamina, heals
  • Ingredients: Algae, twig, cloverleaf + basic ingredient

Green_Machine - Guided

hedge lord

  • Description: Refreshing and nutritious. Lowers the rates of both hunger and thirst.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze a piece of berries
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Plumper, + Moisturizer, Heals
  • Ingredients: Currant Chunk, Aphid Honeydew, Acorn-Bits + basic ingredient

Hedge_Lord - Guided

Human food

  • Description: All ingredients are everyday foods. What could go wrong if you mix them all up?
  • Unlock recipe: analyze Fresh Apple Bits, Fresh Billy Hog Bite or Fresh Cookie Sandwich Bits
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Resist damage, heals
  • Ingredients: Fresh apple pieces, fresh Billy Hog Bite, fresh cookie sandwiches + basic ingredient

Human_Food - Guided

Liquid gills

  • Description: A scientific mystery that allows you to breathe underwater for a short time.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze water flea meat
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Veteran Diver, Heal
  • Ingredients: Daphnia Meat, Seagrass Strand, Raw Tadpole Meat + basic ingredient

Liquid_Gills - Guided

Liquid Anger

  • Description: All kinds of dangerous things in the drinkable form! Consuming this will make you feel much stronger.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze Larva Spike
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Attack, Heal
  • Ingredients: Larva Spike, Spider Fang, Red Ant Jaws + basic ingredient

Liquid_Rage - Guided

Questionable Slop

  • Description: A medley of ingredients mashed into a largely drinkable mess. Restores HP when consumed.
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: Heals (+ regenerate – if sticky)
  • Ingredients: Comes from all ingredients, which are not together in one recipe + basic ingredient

Questionable_Slop - Guided

Employees Chomp

  • Description: The power of an ant in the palm of your hand. Drinking this will make you feel like you can carry more.
  • Unlock recipe: analyze the mandibles of red ants
  • Prepared: Smoothie station
  • Effect: + Bearing power, heals
  • Ingredients: Red Ant Part, Red Ant Head, Red Ant Jaws+ basic ingredient

Workers_Comp - Guided

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