High Protein Recipes: 6 Desi Ways to Add Sprouts to Your Weekday Lunch

High Protein Recipes: 6 Desi Ways to Add Sprouts to Your Weekday Lunch

After eating through the weekend, we often feel guilty about our uncontrolled eating and want to hard reset our diet. We prefer to eat healthy, guilt-free dishes during the week, to cover up all our foodie indulgences. But healthy eating doesn’t mean switching to plain and tasteless food! We want to strike a balance between healthy and tasty, by choosing the healthier alternative to our favorite recipes. For such healthy foodies, we’ve found some quick and tasty Brussels sprout lunch recipes that offer a balanced meal with a protein twist.

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Dosa, Pulao, and More: 6 Desi Sprouts Recipes for a High-Protein Lunch

1. Sprouts Dosa – Our Recommendation

Sprouts dosa is made with a mixed sprout batter and is packed with nutrients. To make this, first grind the Brussels sprouts and mix them with a dosa batter. Then simply spread a ladle of the mixture on a pan and cook until crisp.

Click here for the recipe for Sprouts Dosa.

2. Brussels sprout curry

As the name suggests, the Brussels sprouts themselves are the star of this healthy and masala curry! Using desi spices like ginger garlic paste, haldi, red chili powder and more, this Brussels sprout curry can be easily made in a pressure cooker. You can combine it with rice or roti of your choice.

Click here for the Sprouts Curry recipe.

3. Sprouts Sooji Uttapam/ Sprouts Sooji Pancake

The batter of this tasty and healthy lunch is made only from sooji and Brussels sprouts! You can even supplement it with vegetables of your choice to make it even more nutritious. Serve it with chutney or sambhar!

Click here for the recipe for Sprouts Sooji Uttapam/ Sprouts Sooji Pancake.

4. Sprouts Jalfrezi

If you’re looking for a healthy sabzi to pair with your dal chawal, this brussels sprout jalfrezi is the dish for you. Sprouts are cooked in the typical jalfrezi style to give a healthy and masala sabzi, ideal for the weekday meal.

Click here for Sprouts Jalfrezi’s recipe.

5. Sprouts Pulao

This pulao recipe uses brown rice, which is considered a much healthier option than white rice. The soaked brown rice is cooked with a mix of fried onions along with flavorful spices and herbs which is then sauteed with chana sprouts, bean sprouts and spinach.

Click here for the recipe for Sprouts Pulao.


6. Sprouts Khichdi

The comfort food favorite gets a healthy twist with this Brussels sprout khichdi recipe. Sprouts are added to the khichdi instead of dal, along with lobia and soy chunks to make this rice dish even tastier and healthier.

Click here for the recipe for Sprouts Khichdi.

Try these protein-packed sprout recipes for lunch and let us know which dish is your favorite in the comments section below!