Himachali Khatta recipe gives a spicy twist to your everyday meal – Recipe inside

Himachali Khatta recipe gives a spicy twist to your everyday meal - Recipe inside

Indian cuisine is as extensive as its culture. You’ll find that each region offers an array of unique dishes that are earthy, delicious, and speak well of the natives’ eating habits. For example, fish dominates Bengal’s food culture due to its availability, and in Kerala, food is prepared with coconut oil as the state boasts an abundance of coconut trees. Now if you go to Himachal Pradesh you will find that food is prepared with very simple and local ingredients. Wonder why? The adverse weather of the mountain makes the region not so favorable for agriculture. Therefore, people mainly resort to local ingredients that grow easily in such climates. Moreover, they also consume wild grown fruits, vegetables and greens.

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If you explore the food culture of Himachal Pradesh, you will see that each dish has a unique taste that makes it stand out from the crowd. One such dish that tugged at the heart is ‘khatta’. It is a gravy-based dish that is prepared with kala chana, spices and imli. Also called chane ka khatta, it is a popular dish in a Himachali household and also prepared in ‘Dham’ – a popular traditional feast in Himachal Pradesh, prepared on special occasions like weddings, festivals etc.

Himachali Khatta Recipe | How To Make Kale Chane Ka Khatta:

‘Khatta’ in Hindi refers to sour – meaning the sour taste is the dominant taste of the dish. If you don’t have tamarind at home, you can always replace it with amchoor powder to get the taste right. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the recipe.

To begin with, heat mustard oil in a pan and add methi, dalchini, black cardamom and hing to it. Add dhania powder, besan, chilli powder, amchoor powder, haldi, salt and mix everything well.

Add water to the spice mix and stir well to avoid clumping. Add boondi and cook. You can also replace the boondi with regular kala chana.

Turn off the heat and set aside and allow the gravy to thicken. Serve it hot with white rice and enjoy!

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