Homemade donuts, a Titanic meal and an old-fashioned Boulder recipe

Homemade donuts, a Titanic meal and an old-fashioned Boulder recipe

We’ve all tasted loads of chocolate glazed donuts, ranging from good to barely worth dunking. The chocolate glazed cake donuts at Nok’s Donuts are a step up with soft cake and a great glaze that actually tastes like chocolate.

Virtually all donuts you buy in stores and supermarkets are made from mixes, and the glazes come in white plastic buckets.

This recently opened shop in Lafayette is one of the few that makes donuts from scratch, including the frosting. The family-owned company takes it even one step further by focusing on natural ingredients such as flour, butter, cage-free eggs and milk with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or GMOs. That focus on sustainability is reflected in compostable coffee cups, lids, stir sticks, straws and even the labels and glue. Nok’s even makes their own aluminum-free baking powder

The result for pastry chefs is joy. Nok’s donut with maple glaze is made from real maple syrup; the lemon-glazed item is an explosion of fresh, sour citrus flavour; the vanilla icing contains whole Madagascar vanilla beans; and the espresso frosting is made with beans roasted next door at the Otis Craft Collective.

The hippest variant of Nok is the donut topped with bright green matcha tea glaze and freshly grated young coconut.

So much quality and thoughtfulness in a donut means it doesn’t come cheap, especially with the cost of ingredients soaring. But the amount of flavor makes it more than worth it.

Look for the huge “D” on the front of the District building in Lafayette: the store is in a small atrium with shops and seating.

Boulder Recipe Flashback: Chicken with curry

Chicken has been on the menu in Boulder since the late 1800s, despite this recipe from Mrs. FW Leland in The Boulder Cookbook with “Recipes Cooked With Boulder Natural Gas.” Antique recipes are known for having few details, but this one is easy to follow. Feel free to spice it up a bit.

“Two tablespoons of butter, let it melt and when it’s hot, add one tablespoon of chopped onion and two tablespoons of sliced ​​apple. Keep it stirred until it is delicately browned. Now sprinkle over two level teaspoons of curry powder and two level teaspoons of flour. Stir until well blended, then add half a liter of water, stirring until it thickens; deformation. Add the diced (cooked) chicken, mix well with gravy, cover and simmer gently for ten minutes; add salt to taste and the juice of half a lemon. Heap cooked rice around the sides of the serving bowl and pour the curry into the center.

Culinary Calendar: Last Lunch on the Titanic

Ozo Coffee in Longmont is hosting a cash prize coffee brewing and art competition on Thursday, May 12 from 4-6pm. … Boulder’s Growing Gardens – famed for the quality of its organic heritage tomato plants – is holding its Community Plant Sale May 14, 15, 21 & 22 at 1630 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder. … The third class passengers on the bottom of the Titanic ate ​​very differently from the oligarchs in the first class. On May 24, Denver’s Molly Brown House Museum will offer a free virtual program and Q&A with culinary historian Veronica Hinke, author of The Last Night on The Titanic: Unsinkable Drink, Food and Style† Registration: … Boulder Mushroom offers fungal classes, including: Fungi 101 for farmers and horticulturists (May 14); hands-on mushroom cultivation with straw (May 15); growing mushrooms with tree trunks (May 21). … Send info about Boulder County food and drink events, classes, festivals, farm stands and dinners to: [email protected]