How To Make Classic Punjabi Lassi With Only 3 Ingredients Recipe Inside

How To Make Classic Punjabi Lassi With Only 3 Ingredients Recipe Inside

We just love lassi; we do not? Once the summer season kicks in, this desi cooler makes its way into our diet in the most delicious way possible. Made with yogurt, this drink is light, comforting, and super-cooling for the stomach. Plus, it also helps you stay hydrated and immune. Thanks to the highly nutritious yogurt, this drink adds a good amount of probiotics, minerals and vitamins to our diet that nourish us from within and help keep various seasonal illnesses at bay. That’s not all. Dahi (or yogurt) also helps fight the extreme heat outside. All these factors make lassi a popular drink for everyone; so much so that nowadays you can find a lassi corner in every corner of the country. And if you explore, you’ll find that a sturdy glass of lassi undergoes several experiments – some popular experimental lassi recipes include mango lassi, anjeer lassi, rabdi lassi, rose lassi, and more. While each of these versions of lassi tastes great, we have a special place in our hearts for the classic Punjabi lassi.

A classic Punjabi lassi is thick, easy on the palate and leaves a soothing aftertaste every time. Don’t believe us? Try it in a tall glass at the dhabas on the highways. And if you’re someone who doesn’t go outside because of the scorching heat, we suggest you try it in your home. Trust us, it’s easy, hassle-free and only needs a few basic ingredients to prepare. Don’t believe us? Check out the recipe and try it yourself.

How To Make Punjabi Lassi: 3 Ingredient Lassi Recipe

To make the classic Punjabi lassi, all you need is dahi, sugar, ice cubes and 10 minutes. That is it.

First grind the ice cubes in a blender. To this, add yogurt and sugar and mix for a while. You can also add a pinch of black salt. After mixing for about a minute, transfer to a tall glass and serve chilled. And if you like masala lassi, we suggest you add some bhuna jeera and chaat masala to it.

Click here for detailed Punjabi Lassi recipe.

Now that you have the easiest lassi recipe at hand, we recommend getting your hands on the ingredients and making a glass of this delicious desi drink today. And if you want to try some unique/experimental lassis, try check out some of our favorite recipes. Click here to know more.

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