How To Make Falsa Chutney – A Spicy Chutney Recipe You Must Try This Summer

How To Make Falsa Chutney - A Spicy Chutney Recipe You Must Try This Summer

Have you ever wondered what makes Indian cuisine different from other cuisines? Well, that’s because Indian cuisine is made up of so many different recipes that cater to every kind of palate. Be it starters, main courses, sweets or even side dishes, this versatile kitchen has everything you can imagine and get. When it comes to accompaniments, raita, achaar and chutney, you have a plethora of options to choose from. All of these above mentioned recipes are known worldwide for their exquisite taste and flavor explosion. No matter what kind of meal you eat, a splash of chutney or achaar can instantly brighten up the meal. If you also love to accompany your meals with side dishes, then we have something unique for you here. It’s called Falsachutney.

Bright red with purple hues, falsa or phalsa is a summer fruit that can be used in making recipes such as sorbet, coolers, juices, smoothies and more. In addition to its versatile use, this fruit is also very beneficial for health. It is a powerhouse of vitamins, generous amounts of trace minerals and is easily digestible. You may have tried so many chutney recipes; for example mint chutney, coconut chutney, tamarind chutney, but this chutney is a game changer.

Falsa Chutney Recipe: How To Make Falsa Chutney?

To start with the recipe, wash falsa well first. When you’re done, take a pan, add water and let the falsa cook over low to medium heat.

Now take a separate pan, add the cooked falsa (without water) and let it cool. Then add the falsa to a mixer grinder and grind until smooth.

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