How to make restaurant style gravy – A rich gravy recipe to spice up your dishes

How to make restaurant style gravy - A rich gravy recipe to spice up your dishes

There is no doubt that we all enjoy eating out. No matter the cuisine or dish, there’s something about that restaurant-style food that makes us salivate. Plus, many of the dishes like pasta, pizza, burgers, and more are something we learned to make at home. However, when it comes to mastering that restaurant-style Indian gravy, the real challenge begins. Usually the gravy we get in every restaurant is thick, rich and creamy. But when we make the same at home, it turns out not to be. So, how do you make it perfect?! If you’re looking for a recipe for that restaurant-style gravy, we’ve got just the easy recipe you need.

You can use this gravy in paneer, palak, chicken, mutton and more preparations. This gravy has a thick consistency and a flavor explosion that you would love to enjoy. View the full recipe below.

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Restaurant style gravy recipe: how to make restaurant style gravy:

First take a pan and heat some oil. To this add black peppercorns, dry red peppers and bay leaf. Once it’s hot, turn the heat down and add the chopped onions. Fry the onions well until golden brown. Then add sliced ​​ginger and garlic. Let it cook. Now add chopped tomatoes. Cook them until they are soft. Then add a little bit of salt and mix again. Until it boils, take some dahi and mix red chili powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder. Add this to the onion-tomato masala in the pan and stir quickly. When the oil begins to separate from the mixture, add a little water and cook again. Once it has reached the desired consistency, toss in your other ingredients and cook the dish! For extra spice, you can add a tadka from above.

Here we also have some tips to keep in mind while cooking a gravy.

For the full restaurant-style gravy recipe, click here.

Try this great recipe and fortify your dishes in no time. Let us know how it turned out for you!