I made my mom’s one bowl fudgy chocolate cake recipe

I made my mom's one bowl fudgy chocolate cake recipe

Now it’s time to enjoy.

My mother’s chocolate cake is good for the soul.

Maria Noyen/Insider

Although it was my first time making it on my own, I was quite proud of the result. The cake was as moist as I remember. As I ate, I realized one of the reasons is that the frosting penetrates right down to the base, giving it that brownie-like texture.

Even though the pie has become a staple in the family, I also wanted to thank my mom’s boyfriend, Allie, for bringing it into our lives.

When I texted her to let her know I was writing about it, she revealed that she first saw the recipe from someone she met while living in Paris in 2002. Then she promised the person that she would pay the kindness through the recipe with her closest friends.

“That’s how it passed on to your wonderful mother,” she added. And thank goodness for that.