I tried the steak recipe Gordon Ramsay taught Selena Gomez, and it only took 20 minutes for a perfect result

I tried the steak recipe Gordon Ramsay taught Selena Gomez, and it only took 20 minutes for a perfect result

I tried to follow one of Gordon Ramsay’s easy steak recipes.Suneil Kamath

  • I made Gordon Ramsay’s steak with butter sauce with chimichurri, a recipe he taught Selena Gomez.

  • The recipe was simple and delicious and only took 20 minutes to prepare.

  • The aromatic and sour chimichurri balanced the juicy and rich steak.

Recently, Chef Gordon Ramsay taught Selena Gomez how to make steak.

Selena Gomez hugs Gordon Ramsay during her showSelena Gomez hugs Gordon Ramsay during her show

Selena Gomez and Gordon Ramsay.HBO Max

In each episode of HBO Max’s “Selena + Chef,” professional chef singer and actress Selena Gomez shows how to improve her cooking skills by learning her recipes with different cuisines.

In the last season, Chef Gordon Ramsay taught the actress how to Steak with butter sauce and chimichurri.

When Gomez cooked the steaks, they looked nicely caramelized and tasty, so I wanted to see if I could get similar results at home.

That’s how the steak turned out.

Most of the ingredients for the recipe are pantry staples for me.

steak, butter and other ingredients on wooden tablesteak, butter and other ingredients on wooden table

All the ingredients for the steak and chimichurri.Suneil Kamath

Aside from the New York-style strip steak and fresh rosemary, I had all the other ingredients — like butter, dried oregano, and cilantro — at home.

Preparing the steak was easy.

raw steak covered with pepper on brown paperraw steak covered with pepper on brown paper

The New York-style strip steak is seasoned with salt and pepper.Suneil Kamath

I seasoned the steak heavily on all sides with flaky sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Although the recipe didn’t mention this, I knew from watching the episode that the steaks should be at room temperature cook evenly. I let the steak sit in the salt and pepper and decided to cook the chimichurri next.

In a Ramsay-esque way, to improve my kitchen efficiency, I put a cast iron pan on the stove to start over medium heat so that I didn’t have to wait for the pan to heat up when I ready to cook the steak.

I haven’t put any oil in the pan yet in case I get distracted while preparing the chimichurri.

Then I made the chimichurri.

chopped shallots and produce in white bowlchopped shallots and produce in white bowl

I put the minced garlic and shallot in a mixing bowl.Suneil Kamath

The chimichurri recipe is enough for four steaks. Although I was only preparing one, I figured I could save the extra chimichurri to use with other meals in the future.

I chopped the garlic and shallot and put them in a small mixing bowl. While slicing the shallots, my eyes burned and I cried a little. I wish I had protected my eyes to avoid this irritation.

Then I cut the herbs.

cutting herbs on metalcutting herbs on metal

I chopped coriander and parsley.Suneil Kamath

Ramsay called for “plucked” cilantro and parsley. I wasn’t sure what that meant in this context, but later I learned that he only wanted to use the leaves of the herb and not the stems.

Partly because of my laziness and because the stems are also edible and tasteful, I did not remove the leaves. Instead, I finely chopped the parsley and coriander.

I combined all the ingredients to make the chimichurri.

chimichuri in white bowlchimichuri in white bowl

The finished chimichurri only took five minutes to prepare.Suneil Kamath

The recipe called for a ‘mixed oil’. Without Googling I didn’t know what that meant so I just used olive oil. I later learned that he meant an oil made up of two or more oils, but it didn’t seem to affect my recipe much.

I put the oil and red wine vinegar in the bowl and mixed in some spices, such as dried oregano, and my other ingredients.

The chimichurri was clear, sour, and herbaceous, and only took about five minutes to prepare. After tasting it, I added more red pepper flakes as I wanted the sauce to be spicier.

To cook the steaks properly, you need to use some simple techniques.

raw steak on panraw steak on pan

The steak sizzles in the pan.Suneil Kamath

The meat was now at room temperature, so I poured a dash of oil into the pan and waited, as instructed, until it smelled a little. Because the pan was preheated, this only took a few moments.

When I put the steak in the pan it started hissing and searing. In the recipe, Ramsay says it took the steak about two minutes per side to get a dark crust. So I set a timer for two minutes to remind me to turn the steak.

I returned the steak too early.

steak looks grayish in pansteak looks grayish in pan

The steak looked a bit gray at first.Suneil Kamath

After two minutes I turned the steak to the other side. There was some caramelization, but the steak was not as brown and dark as I would have liked.

In hindsight, I wish I’d waited, instead of just spinning it when the timer went off.

I decided I could flip it again later if needed.

I kept searing all sides of the steak.

steak on its side in a pansteak on its side in a pan

Rendering of one of the sides of the steak.Suneil Kamath

According to the instructions, I turned the steak on all sides to make it fat and create a crispy outside.

Unlike the first, the next sides were nicely browned, but I waited about three minutes versus the two listed in the recipe. Maybe my pan wasn’t as hot or didn’t conduct heat as well as the one Ramsay was using.

After searing and slathering all sides, the steak looked amazing.

steak in oil on pansteak in oil on pan

The umami-rich scents perfumed my kitchen and I couldn’t wait to dive in later.Suneil Kamath

After I seared on all sides, the color of the steak turned a rich brown. I added cold butter, garlic, rosemary and thyme and sautéed the steak.

After basting the steak for a few minutes, the color intensified and the butter gave off a nutty aroma.

I wasn’t 100% sure if the steak was over or undercooked, but it was still springy when I touched it. I decided to take the steak off the heat and let it rest, knowing it would still be cooked.

I also prefer an undercooked steak that I can reheat versus an overcooked.

The hardest part was over – now I had to exercise patience.

the last steak with a herbthe last steak with a herb

The steak needed to rest.Suneil Kamath

I took the steak out of the pan to let it rest for at least five minutes, according to the recipe. I’ll let it rest for a while to make sure it stays juicy.

With all the components ready, I cut the steak.

the steak cut on a wooden cutting boardthe steak cut on a wooden cutting board

The steak looked great.Suneil Kamath

When I cut the first piece I was nervous that I might have to recook the steak if it was raw or that it might be overdone. I was pleasantly surprised when the interior was medium to medium rare with a warm pink, red center.

The end product looked beautiful.

steak on cutting board with chimichuricsteak on cutting board with chimichuric

The steak with chimichurri.Suneil Kamath

I spooned some chimichurri sauce on the steak and ate it right away. The outside was crispy and perfectly seasoned, while the inside was buttery, tender and juicy.

The chimichurri balanced the umami-rich steak with its bright flavors.

Overall the steak tasted great and I would make it again.

the writer with the steak thumbs upthe writer with the steak thumbs up

A thumbs up from the chef.Suneil Kamath

In the episode, Chef Ramsay Gomez gave an eight out of ten for her overall cooking. I can’t say how he would rate my cooking, but I would give this recipe a 10/10.

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