International Burger Day: 5 Non-Veg Burger Recipes You Must Try

International Burger Day: 5 Non-Veg Burger Recipes You Must Try

Can we call burgers the ultimate comfort food? Maybe! It’s because we’re running out of options to describe the lip-smacking delicious snack. Loaded with cheese and mayonnaise, the oh-so-soft buns and crispy patties have the power to lift our mood on any given day. After all, it’s the chunky burgers we’re talking about. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are always ready for a healthy burger. And it gets all the better when you have some juicy non-veg burger options to choose from. Recognizable, did we hear it?! In that case, we’ve got some great recipes for you.

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Here are 5 non-veg burger recipes for you:

1. Chili burgers with pepper sauce

For those who love to enjoy the flavor of lamb with chili sauce, this recipe is your stop. The tender lamb patty between buns with the lettuce and bell pepper punch can make you want it again and again.

2. Chicken burger

The classic chicken burger is simple and feels homey. It can make you relive your childhood when eating a burger was a big thing.

3. Chicken and fish burger

Oh yes, such a recipe exists. And if your family has two groups—chicken and fish lovers—when it comes to food preferences, this recipe can satisfy both.

4. Butter Chicken Burger

The taste of your favorite main course combined with a crispy patty scream taste. The soft burger buns with heavenly chicken roasted in the makhana gravy will leave your taste buds on a pleasure ride. Doesn’t it sound great?

5. Chicken Feta Cheese Burgers

Soft chicken mincemeat in the tasty sauce sandwiched between the sandwiches with lots of cheese. Need we say more?

So what are you waiting for? Time is running out. Hurry to your kitchen and get started with one of the recipes, it’s the weekend after all.