Issue 60: The Dairy Problem | Food and recipes

Issue 60: The Dairy Problem |  Food and recipes

We look at emerging trends, offer our best butter tips, and showcase inexpensive recipes from a Top Chef winner. Feast and Field heads south to visit an award-winning, certified dairy farm to talk milk, butter, and cheese with Alabama’s Working Cows Dairy.

What happened to the dairy from our childhood? When cafeterias and billboards were once plastered with “Got Milk” ads, the milk movement of the past seemed to be slacking off. We look at why this is so and what has been replaced since then. While we may not slurp milk by the glass as often anymore, calcium is still an essential mineral for our bones. Yes, your pediatrician was up to something. We look at how we can still maintain our calcium intake (and answer: how much is too much?).

If you’ve ever been confused about salted vs. unsalted butter, or if you didn’t understand the importance of the temperature of your butter while baking, be sure to check out our butter guide. Finally, what’s a dairy problem without cheese? We asked the winner of Top Chef Season 16, Kelsey Barnard Clark, to bring us some of her creamiest, tastiest recipes, and she delivered.

Letting their cows graze not only saved this Alabama organic dairy farm but kept their customers coming back for more.

Top chef season 16 champion Kelsey Barnard Clark shows us a thing or two about elevating everyone’s favorite form of dairy – cheese.

Our best butter tips worth spreading

Where should you keep your butter? And how important is the temperature in recipes? This is our ultimate butter guide to better cooking.

Have milk?  Fewer and fewer people do that

What happened to the milk movement? A look at why milk mustaches seemingly went out of style.

Calcium 101: What You Need To Know About This Mighty Mineral?

We’ve been told that calcium makes bones stronger. Here’s Why — And How To Fill Your Tummy When Dairy Just Isn’t In Your Diet

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