It’s salad-for-dinner season – The New York Times

It's salad-for-dinner season - The New York Times

I can hardly believe it, but here we are in grilling season, beach picnic season, salad-for-dinner season — summer, my favorite time of year to cook. Some people prefer to fall for its crunchiness; winter for its coziness; spring because of its promise of something green. Not me. I’m here for the summer.

Proof that this is one of my favorite topics: Yesterday I was a guest on the WNYC show ‘All of It’, about summer cooking and a ball. You can listen hereand these are the baked chicken biscuits with hot honey butter which we have discussed in detail. (Other recipes that came up: Gazpachochilled corn soupegg saladlemon potato salad with mintBlue berry pie and caprese antipasto — aka the super Caprese.)

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I love the contrasting textures in this main salad from Yasmin Fahr, which combines rich chunks of salmon, pearl couscous and tender herbs with the crunch of cucumber. The spicy dressing is inspired by mast-o khiarthe cucumber yogurt dish of Persian cuisine, which is unparalleled in the lavish use of spices.

Alert: We’ve got a new 20-minute pasta recipe from Melissa Clark, featuring fresh chopped herbs, ricotta (make sure it says “fresh” on the label), and lots of coarsely ground black pepper. This is a great way to use the herbs you may have bought for the salmon dish above.

More herbs and feta! This time, Lidey Heuck uses them to dress crispy romaine and skirt steak, a fairly forgiving cut of meat that’s especially delicious with the vinegary sauce. The toasted pine nuts are a nice touch, but you can skip them.

Check out this recipe.