Jhol Momos to Manchurian Momos: These 5 Momo Recipes Will Boost Your Midweek

Jhol Momos to Manchurian Momos: These 5 Momo Recipes Will Boost Your Midweek

We all know that Indian street food has an infinite variety to offer. Not only do these foods change by region, but there are also specific foods from foreign cultures that we collected. Take for example the famous Indian-Chinese recipes or the makhani pasta, pizza and more. But in all such dishes, momos have a separate fan base. Originating in the Nepal/Tibet region, momos are very popular in India. You can find them in restaurants, cafes and even on the street. So far you’ve all had the regular veggie, paneer, or chicken momos. But even in this dish there is so much more to offer. Here we bring you some momos recipes that will give you a completely new taste. These recipes are easy to make and require a few ingredients to cook. Check them out below:

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Here are 5 Momos you must try

1. Jhol Momos (our recommendation)

Jhol momos are a traditional Nepali dish. The jhol momos is without a doubt a full meal, although most Nepalese consider momos more as a snack than a meal. It’s tasty and hearty, and the satisfying taste warms you from the inside out.

2. Soup Momos

This recipe is unique in every way. So far we’ve dipped momos in soup, but have you ever had soup in momos?! The hot soup filled in momos gives a flavor explosion that will leave you craving more. Try it today!

3. Aloo Momo

These easy momo recipes have a flavorful mashed potato filling. Despite their simplicity, these momos are excellent when seasoned with pepper, chives, and garlic. They can be served hot with soy sauce and chili sauce.

4. Afghan Momos

Momos in this variation are creamier and are sure to please your taste buds. You will definitely become addicted to this dish if you like smooth, creamy flavors. You can combine this with masala onions!

Afghan Momos

5. Manchurian Momos

If you like momos and manchurian, this combination will make you a fan of fusion cuisine. This creative meal is made with delectable vegetable or chicken filling and drizzled with gravy of sauces and chopped vegetables.

Momo Manchuria

So what are you waiting for? Try these yummy momo recipes today and let us know which one was your favorite!