Kevin Malone’s ‘Famous Chili’ Recipe from ‘the Office’

Kevin Malone's 'Famous Chili' Recipe from 'the Office'

I can see why Kevin was so distraught when his chili fell to the floor.

The chili is good to go after simmering for two hours and chilling for an hour.

Lauren Edmonds/Insider

I had to laugh at first when Kevin plopped on the floor as his chili fell, but now I feel for him.

I prefer a thick chili over a soupy chili, and this recipe found a sweet spot between the two ends of the spectrum. The chili had a good meat-to-bean ratio and kept its firm texture through the simmering process.

It tasted like good old chili you’d find at family gatherings, but I think my favorite aspect was the added spice.

The peppers and chiles were initially overwhelming when I got a taste early, but the flavors blended seamlessly after an hour of simmering and cooling. Or, as Kevin said, “everyone is going to get to know each other in the pot.”

The entire process took about four hours, including two hours of simmering and one hour of rest. I would 100% make this recipe again for family, friends and colleagues.