Magic Grill in West Monroe offers soulful and flavorful recipes

Magic Grill in West Monroe offers soulful and flavorful recipes

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A casual, locally owned eatery brings soulful, flavorful country cuisine to West Monroe.

The Magic Grill on Arkansas Road offers a menu that ranges from fast food standards like burgers, po’boys, sandwiches and chili dogs to home cooked dishes like red beans and rice, fried chicken steak, fish and pork chops.

It is one of three Magic Grill locations. The West Monroe restaurant, owned by Faisal Ali and located in J Mart.

Magic Grill’s specialty po’boys and burgers include the roast beef, ham, fish, shrimp, ribeye, or turkey po’boy, and the Master and Open Face burgers. The Open Face burger consists of two patties served with grilled onions, fries, and gravy.

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The roast beef po’boy is the restaurant’s bestseller, said manager Tonya Levy. The popular dish is served with freshly cut fries and gravy. Other bestsellers include burgers and plate lunches, which range from beef tips and rice to braised pork chops.

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During the Mardi Gras season, the restaurant offers a festive specialty, the King Cake burger. Use a slice of a regular King Cake that is heated on the grill and used as a bun.

Other menu items include fried pickles, baked corn on the cob, mozzarella sticks, funnel fries, and cola and root beer floats.

The flavorful and savory recipes are the work of Chef Fred Woodberry, whose cooking style Levy likens to back in the kitchen of your childhood.

“It’s just like your grandma used to do,” Levy said. “He puts a little love into it and stuff. He does his thing and then he always tries to come up with a little tweak or something else to make it a little bit better.”

The restaurant attracts a variety of customers on Wednesday nights, including construction workers, students and churchgoers, Levy said. She said they reopened the dining room about two months ago and customers have been raving about the opportunity to interact with the restaurant staff.

“They missed that because we’re a big family,” Levy said. “Everyone knows everyone, so when they come in, we all catch up. ‘How are the kids? How are the wife, husband or grandchildren?’ It’s almost a meeting place.

Magic Grill is located at 2500 Arkansas Road, West Monroe and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. The other locations are both in Monroe, at 1210 N. 18th St. and 4331 Sterlington Road.

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