Make your own DIY wellness shots with this TikTok recipe

'I want a whole glass of this'

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TikToker and Chef Carleigh Bodrug (@plantyou) shared her brilliant money saver recipe for taking DIY wellness photos.

Bodrug is a TikToker who shares a wide variety of healthy ones? recipes and cooking hacks† in a recent videoBodrug told how she saves money by taking delicious and healthy wellness photos at At home† All you need is a blender and some fresh vegetables!

Bodrug’s video starts with a shot of her homemade wellness shots† She rolls the bright green bottles of juice over her kitchen counter when she says “Stop buying those expensive ones ginger wellness shots. Just make them with me instead!”

In a quick montage, Bodrug shows viewers how to make her homemade juice and pour into cute little bottles for on-the-go consumption. Then she drinks a shot and grins at the camera.

Bodrug shows exactly how she makes her tasty wellness shots. First she takes celery, lemons, apples, ginger and parsley and place them on a cutting board. Then she chops up the fresh fruits and vegetables and puts them in a blender. She squeezes a generous portion of lemon juice into the blender, adds two cups of filtered water, and blends them.

Bodrug then pours the fresh juice through a sieve into a measuring cup† Using a funnel, she carefully pours the juice into small single-use bottles and screws on the lids. “I call this my green glowing skin elixir,” she explains, claiming the juice is rich in antioxidants.

“Love it!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Bodrug’s simple wellness shot hack

“I want a whole glass of this, forget a shot!” wrote a TikToker.

Just made this morning, but added Kale and turmeric. It’s perfect,” wrote another viewer.

“Love it!” commented another viewer.

Not only are Bodrug’s wellness shots less expensive than store-bought ones, they’re also a great way to make sure your juice is perfectly fresh!

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