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On a hot summer day, set aside some time to make one of Martha Stewart’s best recipes yet. It is a no-bake layered cherry cheesecake cake that comes fully assembled in a large mixing bowl. And while it may take a while, the result is well worth the wait.

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“Four components are layered in a large mixing bowl for this frozen opus,” the caption reads on Stewart’s official Instagram. “There’s a tangy no-bake cheesecake filling made with cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk first, a crunchy mix of freeze-dried cookie crumbs with cherry spike, store-bought ice cream topped with cherry syrup, and a tender round of sponge cake (made with oil, not butter, so it’s stays soft when refrigerated). After taking it out of the mold, carefully dab some more cherry cookie crumbs on top.”

The hardest part about this recipe (other than waiting patiently for it to freeze) is making all the layers. There’s a biscuit layer, a cream cheese filling, a cherry ice cream layer (made with store-bought vanilla), and finally the cherry cookie crumble layer. Making each layer is not difficult, just a bit time consuming.

Baking the biscuit is the first step in the recipe and takes the most time. But this entire step can be scrapped if you choose to pick up a store-bought cake instead. Make sure to pick up a cake that is the same diameter as the opening of your mixing bowl in which you will be mounting the cherry cake. Or work a little magic before slicing and dicing and cover the bottom layer with strips of store-bought pound cake.

And the cherry ice cream that Stewart makes from scratch can also be swapped out for a store-bought option, saving you a step and some extra time.

Making the cheesecake filling is the step you won’t want to skimp on as this is the shining star of the no-bake cake. Luckily, all you need to do is combine room temperature cream cheese, condensed milk, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. Comfortable.

Read the full recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and customize this no-bake cake to suit your schedule and taste.

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