Meet two chefs from “The Great American Recipe”

Meet two chefs from "The Great American Recipe"

May 20, 2022 | 6.30 AM IN THE MORNING

Irma Cádiz specializes in Latin-inspired cocktails; Bambi Daniels Makes Southern “Heart & Soul” Food

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The great American recipe comes to WITF TV on Friday, June 24 at 9 p.m. and can be streamed that same evening via the PBS Video App and online. This new eight-part competition series celebrates the multiculturalism that makes American food so vibrant and unique.

Watch the premiere of The great American recipe on WITF TV Friday June 24 at 9 p.m., or stream it via the PBS Video App and online.

With a range of culinary styles infused with their backgrounds – from Syrian to Hungarian, Vietnamese to Mexican, Italian to Puerto Rican, and Southern soul food to Filipino – our ten participants represent the delicious diversity of American home cooking.

Each episode gives the chefs the chance to showcase two of their beloved signature dishes as they compete in the national quest for ‘The Great American Recipe’.

Presented by Alejandra Ramos and rated by Leah CohenTiffany Derryand Graham Ellioteach brings their professional acumen and deep culinary knowledge to encourage and support our participants along the way.

Meet our first two participants:

Irma Cádiz, a participant on "The great American recipe"

Irma Cadiz

Irma Cadiz grew up eating Dominican and Puerto Rican dishes and happily preparing her mother’s recipes as a tribute to her family’s Caribbean heritage. Raised in a multicultural environment in Rochester, New York, she was introduced to a wide variety of cuisines, but was not always a fan of cooking. Her mother encouraged her to join her in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until Irma had her own children that she learned to love them.

For the past decade, she has lived in New York City’s Harlem with its diverse culinary scene. Irma recently completed her college education and started her own business, specializing in Latin-inspired cocktails. Irma is an actor and current member of the Chelsea Repertoire Theater where she continues to hone her craft. Her signature dish is mofongo con camarones, a popular Caribbean comfort food made from mashed plantains and shrimp.

Bambi Daniels, a chef at "The great American recipe"

Bambi Daniels

Bambi Daniels describes her cooking as Southern “Heart & Soul” food – everything has a touch of her South Carolina roots and a lot of love. She grew up on her family’s farms in South Carolina – her maternal grandparents in Chester and her farm, Davis Farm, in Blair, where meals were prepared with what they grew and grew. She still uses fresh ingredients in her recipes, and when she visits her Blair homestead, family and neighbors stop by to share fruits and vegetables from their gardens.

Bambi loves to cook for her family, children and their friends and believes that authentic connections are made and walls are broken down when people sit down at the table together. Her mother, Mary Emma, ​​is her source of inspiration, but recent health problems have prevented the matriarch from cooking. Bambi’s goal is to keep alive the family recipes that carry the voices of her ancestors. Her signature dish has been passed down from generation to generation: smoked mac and cheese with bacon.

Watch The great American recipe on WITF TV Fridays at 9pm, from June 24 to August 12 at 9pm, or stream it on demand from the PBS Video App and at Episodes are free to stream until December 31, 2022.