Mint Margarita Recipe: This Summer Cooler Will Rejuvenate Your Spirit in Heat

Mint Margarita Recipe: This Summer Cooler Will Rejuvenate Your Spirit in Heat

Now that the summer season is in full swing, we are all afraid to step out of our homes. Temperatures seem to be through the roof, which has undoubtedly taken a toll on many people. We often feel hot, sweaty and dehydrated, and sometimes most of us don’t even like heavy or spicy foods. During this season, we just crave juices, smoothies, coolers and so on. So, to give you easy and quick cooler options that will keep you hydrated in this scorching heat, here’s a mint margarita recipe! As the name suggests, the hero of this drink is mint. Mint is an excellent herb to have in the summer. It aids in the digestion of food, aids in weight loss, improves the skin and generally gives you a feeling of rejuvenation!

While you’ve probably tried many mint recipes, this one should be on your menu too. This mint margarita can be made in just five minutes. If you plan on traveling in the heat, you can also pack this in a bottle with crushed ice and drink it whenever you feel dehydrated. This cooler is sure to refresh your mind! Discover the full recipe below:

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Mint leaves offer several health benefits.

Mint Margarita Recipe: How to Make Mint Margarita

Take a glass and crush some mint leaves until the juice separates. Add some kala namak, pepper and crushed ice. Now add some sparkling water or clear carbonated drink. If you want to skip both, just add chilled water. Mix it up, garnish with some more mint leaves and enjoy the taste!

Click here for the full mint margarita recipe.

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