Mom’s Hilarious Halloween Series Is All About Easy, Spooky Recipes

Mom's Hilarious Halloween Series Is All About Easy, Spooky Recipes

A mommies The Halloween snack series is the perfect way to laugh and treat.

TikToker @juicy.lipz91 post an easy Halloween recipe every day. Each has a creative spooky theme and is made with tasty, inexpensive ingredients.

Part of the joy of watching her videos is her lively personality and sense of humor. So while the food is great for the ? childrenthe colorful language is perhaps best reserved for parents.

from the mother”spinning hot dogs” are fast and ingenious. Just cut a hot one dog quarters, cut four legs on each side of the quarter, wrap the center in crescent dough, pop it in the oven and — voila!

“Repeat after me: Dollar Tree,” she said said from her Hocus Pocus broomstick savory treats.

She took a piece of cheese and cut the bottom until it fanned out like a broom. Then she stuck a Dollar Tree “witch hat pick” like a skewer lengthwise for a Slim Jim. Finally, she added the string cheese to finish off the broom. It was the perfect savory nosh to accompany ? Hocus pocus 2.

For spicy food lovers, try the House chef “mummy poppers.”

first, @juicy.lipz91 created a mixture of bacon, soft cream cheese, pepper jack cheese and ranch seasoning. Then she stuffed it into cleaned jalapeno halves.

For the mummy effect, she cut half-moon rolls into strips and wrapped them around the poppers. After baking them in the oven, she added candy eyes to complete the look.

People loved the season recipes and encouraged her to let go more.

“Oh my god, those are too cute. I’m definitely going to make these for my Halloween party, how could I not!” a person wrote.

“I love this series already! Let the creativity come”, another said.

“I’m on the edge of my seat, can’t wait to see what you make next,” a TikToker replied.

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