Monsoon Special: 7 Vada Recipes To Enjoy This Monsoon With Your Evening Tea

Monsoon Special: 7 Vada Recipes To Enjoy This Monsoon With Your Evening Tea

Waking up to a mesmerizing sound of pitter rain is probably the best start to any morning. The sudden change in weather calls for something delicious, warm and crunchy to enjoy. For a real monsoon lover, we think nothing beats enjoying a rainy day with a cup of ‘kadak’ chai and fatty and crunchy snacks. Whether at home or in the office or college, the moment raindrops fall from the sky, our mind automatically starts to wander around the crunchy snacks. If this is the case for you too, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked our favorite vada recipes to enjoy when it rains. The best part is that all of these vada recipes are super easy and quick to make. You don’t have to go through grueling efforts to make them. So let’s get started.

Here are 7 Vada recipes you must try this monsoon season:

Bread Medu Vada (Our recommendation)

As the name suggests, these vadas are quickly made with bread and other ingredients that complete the dish. And believe us, the bread medu vada has a similar taste to the regular vadas, so you hardly notice any difference in taste! Get ready to savor the taste of authentic vadas in a matter of minutes. Click here.

Suji Vada

As we all know, suji helps to make the dish crispy. So, here we bring you a super delicious and crunchy vada recipe made entirely with suji. Imagine how crunchy it would be?! Best of all, if you pair it with some sambhar and chutneys, a delicious South Indian meal will be right in front of you in no time! Find the recipe here.

Mutton Vadaic

This one is now for all the meat lovers out there! This South Indian style vadai recipe is made with minced mutton (keema) along with a host of spices and fried to perfection until golden brown. If you love keema, this recipe is a hit! Try it! Find the recipe here.


Dahi Vada Chaat

Here we bring you something unique to try in monsoon. Something unique and yet very delightful. Well, yes! You all must have tried the usual dahi vada recipe, this vada chaat contains new additions like sev puri, crispy papdi, boondi, chutneys, lemon juice and many more. This recipe makes for a perfect evening snack along with masala chai or filter coffee. Find the recipe here.

dahi bhala

Chicken Vada Pav

Another recipe for all non-vegetarians! A bite into this succulent chicken vada sandwiched between the soft pav slathered with spicy chutneys is sure to give your day the protein-packed and tasty kickstart you need. Curious how you can make it at home? Click here. For more crispy chicken snacks to enjoy in the monsoon, click here.

Sabudana Vada

Here we have found another Maharashtrian snack for all of you. These delicious Sabudana Vadas are crispy, soft, light and healthy. Plus, these vadas also make for a great morning or evening snack. Find the recipe here.

sabudana vada

Urad Dal Vada

Also known as Biuli Dal Er Boda in Bengali, this vada recipe is made with a thick mixture of ground urad dal, sooji (for crunch), chilies, onion, and other tempting spices. Pro tip: Soak the valley a day in advance to save time. Find the recipe here. For more Bengali snacks, click here.

Now that you know all the recipes, it’s time to implement these ideas in your kitchen and let us know which one turned out to be a success. Happy Cooking! Enjoy the monsoon everyone!