Murmure Ka Nashta: This quick and easy breakfast recipe is ready in 10 minutes

Murmure Ka Nashta: This quick and easy breakfast recipe is ready in 10 minutes

Murmura is a typical ingredient used to make a variety of Indian snacks such as bhel puri, jhalmuri, chidva snack and more. Murmura can be used to make a delicious namkeen snack by mixing it with spices, or it can be turned into a sweet snack by adding sugar. They have a light and flaky texture, making them ideal for snacking and making a variety of recipes. This versatile ingredient is made entirely from rice grains that are filled with air. However, if you’re looking for new ways to use this ingredient, how about making a murmure ka nashta?!

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Many of us have hectic morning schedules and don’t get enough time to cook an elaborate meal. If not, some of us don’t want to enjoy a heavy breakfast early in the morning. So for then this murmura nashta is perfect! This recipe is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients and 10 minutes to cook. Pair this with your morning tea or coffee for a satisfying meal. The recipe we bring you today is from food vlogger Parul Jain, posted on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Watch the full video below:

Murmura Nashta Recipe: How to Make Murmura Nashta

Take a cup of murmura, add it to the grinder and make a powder. Now add suji and curd. Mix and make a semi-thick batter by adding water. Now heat some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, green chillies, urad and curry leaves. Pour this into the batter. Stir this well together, take a ladle full of this batter and pour it into a pan to form a pancake-like shape. Cook it from both sides and your murmura nashta is ready! Combine this with chutneys and enjoy.

Check out the full recipe for this quick and easy murmura nashta here:

You can even pack this quick recipe for lunch and have it everywhere! Try this tasty recipe for yourself and let us know what you thought of the taste!