New Dole Recipes Help Feed Heroes of the Soul

New Dole Recipes Help Feed Heroes of the Soul

While mom may tout the importance of eating those fruits and vegetables every day, making that healthy eating decision is an important choice. While Spiderman may have said that great power comes with great responsibility, fueling that power is key for any hero. With these new Marvel-inspired Dole recipes, it’s time to recruit some Heroes of the Soul one plate of healthy food at a time.

Dole encourages families to find creative ways to get more fruits and vegetables on the table. Through captivating recipes channeling favorite Marvel characters, Disney princesses, and other favorite family stories, these dishes often become family favorites. The story may tempt that first bite, but the flavors bring everyone back time and time again.

As part of the launch of new Dole recipes, the company wants to celebrate the heroes in all aspects of people’s lives. According to Rachel Young, Dole’s manager of digital marketing and communications, “As we celebrate Marvel Super Heroes for saving the universe, this competition is dedicated to honoring the simple, positive things we all do – from showing kindness to strangers, taking care of family members and volunteering in the community to simply get through a rough day with style, dignity and a positive spirit.”

All those qualities should be nurtured inside and out. Balanced, healthy eating choices can help with all those good decisions.

With Dole’s new recipes included in the Heroes of the Soul campaign, four Marvel characters inspire the flavor combinations. While the names will bring that first smile, the combination of flavors and textures delights. In addition, each of them is easy to master.

For the next family pizza night, the Spidey Sense Veggie Pizza everyone will say yes to an extra portion. It shows that favorite foods can be good for you.

New Dole Marvel Super Hero Recipes, Photo Provided by Dole

While Gamora may be saving the universe, the Avocado Berry Gamora Salad will make everyone feel prepared to take on any challenge. The sweet and luscious salad satisfies.

A heartier option, the Super Soldier Hash can be brunch or dinner. Although this recipe has chicken sausage, it can be swapped out for a different protein.

And there are sweeter treats on the menu too. Options like Banana Bucky Buckeyes and Hawkeye Bow and Arroz con Leche show that dessert doesn’t have to come with a negative connotation.

All of these recipes and more can be found on the Dole website. Superheroes are more than just the characters in a book or on a screen. Isn’t it time to fuel those super qualities and strive for better?