Oklahoma Farm Moms Share Their Favorite Beef Recipes

Oklahoma ranching moms share favorite beef recipes

Oklahoma Beef Council

Honor your mother on Mother’s Day by cooking her a delicious beef meal. Oklahoma moms and ranchers Nikki Callison and Sheri Glazier teach you how to make their favorite beef meals that are easy and full of flavor.

A favorite of her family after a busy day at the ranch, Callison’s Steak Finger recipe is also perfect for a special occasion. Deliciously tender round steak strips are battered with flour, egg wash and salt and pepper and baked to golden perfection. Combine them with a green salad for a fresh summer dish.

“These are a favorite of my husband and my kids,” Callison said. “There are never leftovers.”

You can find the instructional video and printable recipe for Steak Fingers here

Glazier, a mother, rancher and registered dietitian, ensures her family gets the right nutrition with Mediterranean Beef Pinwheels. Flank steak, spinach, olive tapenade and feta cheese combine to create a great, rich flavor.

“This meal is the perfect treat for any woman. It’s a win-win situation because it’s tasty and good for you,” says Glazier.

You can find the instructional video and printable recipe for Mediterranean Beef Pinwheels here

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