‘People are leaning towards plant-based versions of the flavorful and comforting recipes they love’

'People are leaning towards plant-based versions of the flavorful and comforting recipes they love'

“The expansion of the Bowls line was a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for frozen foods. Consumers are looking for flavorful, convenient heat-and-eat options that provide a more complete meal.”Jennifer Barnes, vice president and general manager at Sweet Earth Foods, told FoodNavigator-USA.

According to Barnes, Sweet Earth’s appetizers are the largest product line for the brand, hitting double digits in the past 52 weeks.

“Bowls have been a staple in the brand for years and are closely aligned with our mission to provide healthy and delicious options that make it easy for consumers to eat plant-based,”she said.

‘Supermarkets fill shelves with globally inspired dishes and ingredients’

The newest varieties of frozen entrees – Korean BBQ style Chik’n Entrée Bowl and Cacio e Pepe – are the latest globally inspired flavors for the Sweet Earth brand, which has had great success with other international flavors in its portfolio, such as the offering of General Tso Bowl and Curry Tiger Bowl, both of which have become top consumer favorites according to Barnes.

“In recent years, international flavors have become more popular and grocers are filling the shelves with globally inspired dishes and ingredients. Cacio e Pepe and Korean BBQ are two dishes that are in high demand, and they are gaining traction on restaurant menus, social media and among the gourmets,”said Barnes.

“Sweet Earth is expanding our line of frozen dishes in response to the continued growth in consumer demand for frozen meals that meet these interests.”

According to Datassentials data as of June 2021, consumption of Cacio e Pepe in restaurants has grown by more than 35% and Korean barbecue is one of the best Korean dishes consumed in the US.