Printed ahead of time? Olivia Wyles’ Quick + Easy Keto Recipes Are Designed For Real Life

Printed ahead of time?  Olivia Wyles' Quick + Easy Keto Recipes Are Designed For Real Life
Freeport, FL, June 7, 2022 –(– Olivia Wyles, an emerging food blogger and TikTok/YouTube star, has officially published her first digital keto cookbook, “Quick + Easy Keto Recipes: Simple Keto Recipes Made For Real LifePacked with delicious recipes written in an easy-to-follow format and with color photos, it offers those curious about the keto diet and die-hard keto followers simple, healthy food options.

“The biggest problem with dieting is finding new recipe ideas,” explains Olivia. “When you run out of ideas, you tend to go back to whatever suits you. But if you always have ideas and meals ready in advance, it gives you a little breathing room. This cookbook will help you so you never run out of ideas!”

The ketogenic diet, more commonly known as “keto,” is one of the most popular diet plans in the US, with an estimated 15.5 million Americans following it. However, many of those dieters find their journey frustrating because of complicated eating recommendations, complex recipes, and outright misinformation. The new cookbook seeks to simplify things, help ordinary people lose weight and improve their health and fitness through accurate information and easy-to-follow instructions.

It is full of quick and easy recipes that real people can make in real life. The recipes are written in a narrative form, are highly visual and contain common, minimal ingredients. In fact, they all require 10 or fewer ingredients and have less than 10 carbs per serving, making it easier to keep the body in ketosis. Templates allow readers to tailor recipes to their specific needs, including some of the most popular keto food options like chaffles, fat bombs, and keto coffee creamers.

The cookbook is already a big hit with customers. “It’s so beautiful and practical! This cookbook is so easy to follow along with colorful images that motivate me to try every recipe!” lyrically an impressed reviewer.

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About Olivia Wyles
Olivia Wyles is a food blogger with a growing presence on YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram, where she shares recipe videos. She started blogging in 2018 and has been making keto recipes and digital products like printables since 2020. Every recipe she creates is designed so busy people with limited access to exotic ingredients can fit healthy eating into their everyday lives.