Recipe: Sink your teeth into a sweet treat of vegan Aamras truffles this summer

Recipe: Sink your teeth into a sweet treat of vegan Aamras truffles this summer

They say the love of mangoes is no”aambenefit so make ‘mango’ every day this summer by combining traditional flavors with a touch of modernity, like this recipe of vegan Aamras truffles. A vegan diet means stopping consuming animal products, including meat, eggs, and even dairy and other animal substances. The benefits of a vegan diet include a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, better digestion and cleaner skin.

Aamras or mango pulp is a summery sweet treat that goes best with warm puris. Look below for a delicious recipe from Aamras Truffles, because these vegan truffles offer the same delicious taste without the extra calories.


Mango puree 120g

White chocolate bar 150g

A pinch of dried ginger powder (sonth)


White chocolate 100g

A few drops of yellow food coloring gel


Finely chop the white chocolate and place in a bowl. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, add the mango puree and cook until reduced to less than half its original size. Add the probe and then remove the reduced puree from the heat.

Pour the warm mango puree over the chocolate and stir to a smooth ganache. Once the ganache has cooled, put it in the fridge for an hour. Measure out 15 g of ganache and roll into balls.

Melt 100 g of white chocolate and add the yellow coloring gel. Add very little and build up the color until you get a mango yellow. Dip the ganache balls in the chocolate and spread them evenly.

Lightly tap the truffle with your fingertips to give it some texture. Place the truffles on a baking tray and then in the fridge until set. These truffles can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.

(Recipe: Chef Rachel Goenka)


Unless consumed in excess, there are no side effects of eating mangoes which are rich in vitamin C, cleanse the skin from within, treat the pores and give the skin a glow. Their vitamin C content aids in the production of skin protein – collagen.

The fruit is essential to make hair healthy thanks to its vitamin A and keratin content that promote hair growth and health, help protect cells from harmful radicals thanks to its various antioxidants, help reduce facial wrinkles and avoid acne. loose skin and is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.