Recipe Swap: Panko crust gives a quick yet elegant touch to salmon | To dine

Recipe Swap: Panko crust gives a quick yet elegant touch to salmon |  To dine

Salmon may be a treat for many people’s food budgets, but the great thing is that it takes so little effort to turn it into a restaurant-worthy meal suitable for a business or special occasion.

I especially like roasting salmon because the oven provides even heat for even cooking. In the recipe below, I give the salmon a short lead on the stove, partly to crisp up the skin, before finishing it in the oven. Between the hob and the oven, the fish cooks in about 10 minutes – for medium doneness, which I highly recommend for succulent and tender salmon. Medium-rare is also good if you like less down. Even if you tend to like your fish well-done, try salmon with nothing more than medium well.

My topping combines a lot of favorite topping ingredients in one. I coat the salmon with mustard plus just enough maple syrup to tame the mustard’s bite. Double the amount of syrup if you like it a little sweet.

I also season it with a touch of smoked paprika for the smokiness, in addition to salt and pepper.

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Then I make a panko breadcrumb mixture with more smoked paprika, lemon zest and parsley. You can also add garlic or replace coriander with parsley.

Some hot rice and roasted asparagus are good accompaniments.

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